Msfs 2020 hangs for a short time in flight

hi guys,

sometimes in flight hangs the msfs 2020 für up to 10 secounds in flight. And after the the 10 secounds the flight continues normal. But i have these hangs for three, two times or more in an flight.

My System:

Ryzen 3600

Msi RTX 2070 Super

Crucial Ballistix 16gb

hopefully you can help me with this issue

Best greetings


The same happens to me. Sometimes, the sim freezes for exactly 16 seconds.

I found out in my case it is due to my bluetooth mouse and keyboard. If I don´t use them for some time they enter sleep mode, and when I use them again, to move my point of view or use some keyboard shortcut, the sim stops for exactly 16 seconds until the keyboard and / or mouse are woken up.

It is completely repeatable, in my case I know my problem is this.

I try not to forget about it, and from time to time I move the mouse or check the ATC window from the keyboard, and since those don´t get to sleep mode, I don´t have those freezes.

I tried to change my bluetooth driver and changing it to always active, but nothing I do seems to prevent this behavour, so I must be careful not to let keyboard of mouse unactive for too long.

The weird thing is on any other program or windows itself, both keyboard and mouse wake up instantly with no aparent effect on the system. It is only in FS2020 where I see this behavour.

You can chek if in your system you have the same problem.

I have a similar issue with the xbox controller, although only when switching it on and not when it times out. Sometimes the pause is for just a second or two and sometimes for 10-15 seconds. It always recovers though.

I think it is a bit of a hang over from the fixed issue with the game crashing when USB controllers were added or removed.

Happens to me too, seems like a smal load on the sim

Happens to me when I come near a “heavy” community add-on airport.

This might be caused by (scenery) data that must be downloaded and stored, though I’m not sure.
If you encounter this problem and can reproduce it you could check if it also occurs when you (temporary) disable your internet connection.

Guys, if you all have the issue, why did none of you vote for the thread?
Commenting doesn’t bring it to attention.

I have the same issue but so far not able to reproduce it. Doesn’t bother me THAT much, but it’s still a thing to be fixed some day, hopefully.

But vote for what? They are all different issues which relate to each users different environment

This is why it can be nearly impossible for a developer to fix an issue without having your computer and peripherals there to trouble shoot the exact cause

the sleeping controller, I’d much sooner have the sim freeze whilst my device wakes up.
A new controller is activated mid flight; off course the sim has to now incorporate that into it’s control devices; it won’t be instant

BUT there are times when this does happen where the developer can fix it
Eg I’d get this behaviour while making changes to the flight plan mid flight; not always 100% reproducible but happened enough to know what was causing it. The working title Gx mods solved that for me so Asobo should and are addressing this issue

The only other time I can 100% reproduce this behaviour is flying near Melbourne Australia city center; once clear of the city center it’s back to normal

So before the developer or even anybody else in this community can help you, you will need to investigate further yourself trying/considering the different solutions

I keep a note pad alongside me and log any bug’s and what I was doing at the time; the plane, the location, the weather and the action I was performing before the bug occurred. I then look at my log; identified the patterns, try to reproduce the bug and look for more targeted solutions or at the very least I know what to avoid whilst waiting for a patch.

The big clue in your post is the word sometimes.
Start logging what you were doing,flying and location just before it happens; you’ll start to see a pattern