MSFS 2020 Installation

It took 2 hours and 29 minutes to download 95.15 Gb. This was downloaded to my HP Omen 15t laptop. I connected direct via Ethernet to the internet,

It took 11 hours 45 minutes to download the program , 95.15 Gb , to my desktop. This was done via WiFi .

Windows version 2004
No Firewall

Not sure what your getting at is there an issue? Wifi is always slower and the further from your hub the worse it will be.

I have been downloading for 3 days i’m still at fspackage.005 my internet speed is 35mbps. my windows is updated im using lan ethernet.

My point is that many of the slow downloads experienced by simmers maybe due to being connected via. WiFi.
I’m glad you know the difference, some others might not.

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