MSFS 2020 is truly amazing, BUT

Firstly, huge congratulations to the Microsoft and Asobo teams for what is a stunning piece of Software. I have had literally many hours/days/weeks of hugely enjoyable flying and it’s been getting better and better - until now!
Constant CTDs…
Since the latest update 5, my enjoyment has turned to frustration. Having now spent many hours reading through the Forum and watching Youtube videos and having tried everything under the sun suggested in order to get the Sim running again I am now in the position that I’m going to delete everything and start from scratch with a full clean install.
It’s not just the time being taken above that is my greatest annoyance though.
It’s the £2500 I spent on a new PC and a further nearly £1000 on new peripherals specifically for MSFS 2020, which I now cannot use as intended.
Z490 MB
Logitech Flight Yoke and Rudder pedals
HP Reverb G2
Hotas X Joystick

Surely, SURELY any new update should go through thorough testing prior to release to avoid what appears to be a universal failure this time around. Suggestions to ‘empty this folder’ or ‘turn off this hardware’, or ‘boot in this specific order’ etc., are all well and good and much appreciated from the Community, but they shouldn’t be necessary in the first place.
With the complexity of this Simulator, do I expect updates to be bug-free? Of course not. It’s totally normal for different systems, setups and indeed Users to suffer a certain number of issues and I’m normally happy to work round them.
But THIS - releasing this update was a huge error of judgement and I don’t think that Microsoft or Asobo will be looking forward to the next Q&A!!
I would much rather suffer delays and wait patiently for acceptable releases, safe in the knowledge that it’s as good as it can get with minor fixes being addressed next time around.
A workaround in the meantime, would be to roll back the Simulator.
Apologies for the rant, I’ll now summarise the issues I’ve personally seen.
CTDs during selecting flights from the World Map
CTDs during loading of flights
CTDs during startup of the FBW A320 - Stable version. (Noticed a lot of flicking around instrument buttons with a number becoming inop). Deleted this version and downloaded the Development version. Seemed to work ok until trying to taxi when reverse thrust kicked in and then the Aircraft froze to the spot.
CTDs during launch from Addons Linker
CTDs from mid flight if I did manage to get something into the air.
I’m sure there have been others.
Community Folder had been emptied of everything except the FBW A320, which is now also deleted.

Microsoft and Asobo - your work and effort to date has been exemplary, but you need to fix this NOW!

I don’t think rolling back will be possible on this one. It seems like there’s some new underlying tech which is why a lot needs to be updated.

I remember the post asking for beta testers, I was too slow unfortunately, but it did mention if you loaded the beta, you wouldn’t be able to go back to the client version.

I agree however, this update was not overly successful for PC users. I believe they were probably bound to a release date regardless of the result, as this update is tied into the XBox release. Now that’s done, let’s hope we get things better over the next update or two.

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