MSFS 2020 is unplayable when servers are down

It’s been like this since early evening (central time) 10-27 and now it’s 4:20am 10-28 and it’s still like this.


True true sinds yesterday

You should be happy that it is still usable offline :wink: I know other sims where you get a message: The modules … could not be verified.
(And you will not find the F-14, F-16, F-18 and the Nevada Area 51 scenery anymore after launching it until you go online again. I have already expressed my disliking of such highly intrusive DRM mechanics on my own private high-end-computer in their forums when this happened and I was unable to fly a whole day.)

So be happy that you will get still good offline graphics instead of annoying DRM stuff prohibiting everything from launching and starting as soon as the slightest internet connection problem occurs :wink:

MSFS works offline???

But this sim has an offline mode, right? I mean it allows you to play without verifying the modules for a few days. This is how it worked for me at least.

But I agree about the DRM, it is far from a joy.

And MS servers are not like Steam servers or so, they have very bad quality in products and in servers


Still, looks as good as X- Plane or P3D in offline mode , in my opinion .

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Hardly “unplayable”. It works, plane flies. :grin:

I change my mind. This mandatory offline mode is awesome. I am happy now.

Yep, no more CTDs for me in offline mode!

the sim sometimes shows us its real face.

My question would have to be, “if the sim is unplayable when the servers are down, how did you manage to record a flight? Isn’t that proof that you were ‘playing’?”

If you intended to suggest that the quality of play is affected by the reduced data available when the servers are down, then maybe consider a change to the title of your thread. I though you meant the sim crashed when the servers were down.


True haha :joy:

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This is in fact how MSFS2020 works also. DRM protected content (anything you buy from the marketplace for example) is verified at start.

Sometimes it glitches and doesn’t get verified and indeed that module is not available for use.

And indeed. If the account verification servers are down then you can’t even launch the sim.

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Let’s not forget that one day MS will decide to pull the plug and will shut down the servers streaming the bing ortho images to MSFS. Then we will be left with the scenery depicted in the OP’s video (MSFS still being perfectly usable so none could claim it is unplayable).

As far as I am aware, our purchase of MSFS does not constitute an obligation for MS to provide us the bing ortho imagery within the MSFS (not even for some minimum time frame). The only thing I came across was an interview with Asobo stating that there was a plan to support MSFS for the next 10 years (which is nice to hear but is far from being a binding commitment). Please correct me if I am wrong.

So enjoy as long as the online services (ortho included) are working :smiley: and tolerate occasional hiccups.

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This is the key phrase here. What is not well understood is that the only thing you have purchased is a license to use MS’s software on your computer and access the cloud data associated with it.

You do not own a program. Because it is a cloud based data streaming service, if and when that service is terminated obviously access to that data will also become unavailable.

We have never actually owned any of the software on our computers. We merely pay a license fee that allows us to use the developer’s software. Depending on the software and its purpose, there is a gray area when it comes to the data saved from within the software as well. If the data was yours to begin with and the software simply manipulates/stores/presents that data then you would continue to own the data but it may not be accessible without the software depending on how it is formatted.


well if the server is offline obviously you can’t access the online services like stream data of the bing or real weather. you can download some areas in cache for these cases…

That video looks terrible…don’t ever insult P3D or XP11 like that again with such.:rofl:
No!..there’s no offline mode then!..:joy:

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I am reminded of Gamespy – One day it was decided to shut down the Gamespy services for FSX, and that was that.

The day might well come when they decide, for whatever reason to close down the MSFS servers, or make their services run under a subscription.

The ‘future of gaming’ means you’ll be forever at the whim of whoever’s feeding it to you. I’ve tried it fully offline a few times and it was rather grim and of course if they turn off the terrain I presume they’ll turn off the game activation as well.

We’re buying the right to access the program for however long they decide rather than the actual program itself. I’m sure all of these companies would love to extinguish actual ownership completely and they’re doing a pretty good job already.

Considering the volume of updates and the speed at which the mapping is evolving it would be a bit weird for them to kill it off and then relaunch another one the next day which looked pretty much the same. But there’s more money in that.

Maybe it’ll move to subscription at some point.


For me its a problem when servers are down…I want real time weather as advertised…I want traffic as advertised.(not that has not worked for months)…the issue is there are no 3rd party payware programmes available like I had with the other Sims, . Its an immersion killer with no weather and especially no traffic.