MSFS 2020 is unplayable when servers are down

Perhaps by then we’ll be able to buy 2 Petabye SSD’s and have the entire map saved for offline use. :wink:



There are about 100 PB(petabyte) Hard Drives(about 1 million GB(gigabyte) each) in the world right now they have been released to the public. Also there are reports of 5-10 EB(exabyte) Hard Drives(about 1 billion GB(gigabyte) in the world which also have not been released to the public. They are working on a ZB(zettabyte) Hard Drive(about 1 billion TB(terabyte)) right now, we are still about 3 years off of making it a practical size.

As of price a PB Hard Drive should be about 750USD in 5-7 years. When it is released to the public.

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The sim is STILL down?!?! Day 3 now?

Is anyone able to play this sim in online mode right now?

10-28-2021 8pm central time

I really feel the pain with the degraded visuals flying offline but appreciate that we can at least do that.

Offline in MSFS feels like a slightly better FSX.

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I see where you’re coming from. For me, 85% of the flying I do is over photogrammetry cities so I didn’t really feel like I could enjoy the sim in the form it was in.

Somehow the system automatically changed my settings (General/Data) and “online functionality” was changed to “off”. I NEVER change that setting so it automatically changed and that caused me not to have online function.

Due to everyone having server issues and not having online services, I did not think to check if my online settings were changed from on to off without me doing it.

I’ve since changed it to online mode and it’s working.

I do the same - but over the remote countryside (bush flights). So like you its unusable for me offline when I cant see thick forest, grass, trees, undergrowth etc.

The only flying thats tolerable with the degraded visuals is airliner flying because from up at 39,000ft it makes no difference. Just ignore how it looks as you take off and land :smiley:

#FSX vibes!

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Are you by chance Katana600?

Reason why I ask is I’m friends with over 100 people in this sim, and between Katana600 and Tallyshark, you guys I see in the air more than any of my other friends.


Oh sorry no, thats not me, good to know theres another Katana out there though aha!

I’ve never played online in any game I have to admit, I hear its a totally different experience.

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Unless MS torpedoes as a company, I really don’t think MS will pull the plug unless they’ll provide something else “better” first. Perhaps more expensive, but better. Probably MSFS2030.

With the rate of technology evolution, if MSFS ever pulls the serves down, it would be much easier to add to X-plane. I know they’re not interested in adding satellite in the near future, but if it is still around in 10 years, the technology should be there to more readily make it happen.

Let’s aproach it slightly different.
I am a MSFS2020 pilot from the day that it was released and invested a whopping €129 for complete package.
If support should end after 10 years I would have written off €1,075/ month.
OK, I have, like many others also invested in add ons but the base loss is not a big drama I think.
What’s the monthly fee of game-pass again? :slight_smile:

What a senseless comparison with gamepass…

Some sort of small status OFFLINE warning in the corner of the screen would be nice

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What a blast from the past.

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Along with “The Zone” and Member-Plus Mods (as shown here )
What a liability that system was for inappropriate behavior :shushing_face:

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