Msfs 2020 long pauses

Hi Guys,

msfs 2020 freezes for about 10 til 20 secounds in the Approach to The Airport EDDF(Frankfurt a.M.) via the Char Vor. Do you have also this long freeze?

Settings: All on Ultra with 50 - 60 FPS
Airplane: A320 Standard not the FBW



at 58:13-58:17 MSFS2020|Flug von LIRF(Rom) nach Frankfurt a .M.(EDDF) |A320NX - YouTube you can see the pause/freez.

I have a long freeze that happens and might be when I click a keyboard key sometimes. About 60 seconds.

This is a Bluetooth with rechargeable battery.

I also had a big problem with long pauses after SU5.
Mine seem to have gone away but I’m not entirely sure how I did it.
The only thing that comes to mind is reinstalling all my peripherals (yoke, throttle, etc) & removing all unnecessary keybindings.