MSFS 2020 problem, works in limited mode

Sorry about my English. I purchased msfs 2020 premium deluxe on AMAZON 120 euro. I see the game on active on “”, on the Microsoft store. After installing it, works in limited mode. I have all the menus not active in the training section, in the activities section, and I only view 2 aircraft. I also formatted the PC and installed msfs 2020. it doesn’t work. I have all the screenshots to attach. Help me please

what are the specs of your system

Maybe the link in top of all pages with the name “Known issues” can help you, else i have no clue.

specs will help, need to know what hardware you have

the first time I installed it worked. Then I connected the joistick I had problems. after disconnecting joistick no longer worked. the menus are gray. My intel core configuration I5 4670 cpu 3.40 ghz - 16 gb ram - RADEON RX 590 - SSD 1 tb - windows 10 64bit. Thank you for your help

It sounds familiar. Have you read and tested information in the “Known issues”?

I have problems when disconnecting the keyboard, joystick or yoke. It seems that that when you disconnect and then reconnect a controller, the program will stop. If you wait, sometimes it reconnects and continues but most times it seems that the program just stops without trying to recognize the reconnected controller.