MSFS 2020 says please update after starting the Simulator, but the MS Store does not find an update

Hello when I start the MSFS 2020 the Simulator tells me I want to please download the update in the MS Store the stupid thing is only the store shows me no update. I have already reset the store but it still does not find an update to I have the Premium Deluxe Box Edition of MSFS2020.

Having the same issue with the standard edition. I’ve tried restarting the PC, signing out and restarting - not finding the update.

Just an update - installing xbox app seems to have worked with the MSstore updating to the latest version

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The same with me. Disconnect internet, then start MSFS, acknowledge the offline hints, that works. Then connect again… I am good. Everything is up-to-date in the Content Manager. With connection again the same game. No idea what it is.

What I did was go to the MSFS page in the store on my pc and it took about a minute before it showed an update was needed and then it started the download. At least for me, that was how I was able to update it on PC.

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That was it. The X-BOX app has been updated before. Searching in the store MSFS 2020 (since I already have it) didn’t occur to me. Thanks for your hint.

Your description was my solution!

That’s good news! Thanks for letting me know it worked.
Happy Flying!

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Xbox and Microsft Store are up to date but I still have the same problem. I am directed to the store at each start. I really don’t know what to do now to start this ■■■■ game !

Installing X-Box app did not work for me. And what the heck? And even if it is needed, why the heck isn’t it in the instructions for updating. Can’t believe it - how would anyone ever know to do this. One of the many reasons I rarely use this sim and use DCS and X-Plane instead. Every time I start it up, hoping that things might have improved, I must update, fix something, reconfigure something etc etc. And the cockpits still suck for the most part and flight physics are not accurate. Grrrrrr…back to X-Plane