MSFS 2020: The Ever-Degrading Flight Sim

I was in on this from Day One, with the Premium Deluxe Edition. All in. And for the first few weeks, I was, like so many others, wowed by this sim. It just looked so ■■■■ pretty! And it seemed to work! Sorta. Kinda. Almost.

Since then, and despite several hefty updates and patches, my experience with MSFS 2020 has steadily degraded, my visits to this software becoming fewer and shorter as a result until we get to this moment where I find that even as I’m waiting for a modest flight to load I’m informed by the app that I’ve been placed offline due to some issue or other. Despite my settings clearly showing that:

a) I am online
b) real-time data from Bing Maps is set to ‘on’
c) rolling cache is set-up to go
d) graphics settings are all set-up correctly
e) my BB connection is absolutely fine (and wired, and hi-speed)

All verified multiple times, nothing improves. The world below looks terrible. It’s all a waste of time and effort.

This is the sim that just gets worse and worse as each new iteration is patched and updated. Those first few weeks of joyous flight are now a distant memory. Now I can’t even bring myself to fire this thing up (it’s such a rigmarole every time, after all) as I’m fairly certain my only reward for my time and patience will be, inevitably, disappointment. Again.

What’s going wrong, Asobo?


You can be online but still have trouble connecting to the server. In that case it is an issue with Microsoft since I’m pretty certain they provide the hosting.

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Weird observation I had.

I turned off my rolling cache to test something a week or so ago and forget to turn it back on.

So yesterday, I turned it back on, and 1st flight it put me in offline mode. It is the first time in more than a month it did that.

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sorry, to be honest, i really can’t follow you, there are so much other FS 2020 users which have virtually no issues (and it went more and more positiv with each update!), the same to me, i didn’t had any CTD or other issues (last two months) witch prevents me from playing this simulator. We all use the same peace of software…
You must have an issue with your hardware!


Yay, another thread bashing the sim is just what we need :smirk: no issues whatsoever and I’m sure I speak for a great many too


Blinking clouds issue here. The game is unplayable. Check the post Blinking clouds after patch 5


The one thing i have no complaint about is the scenary/ Graphics in MSFS2020. It’s simply stunning!
I don’t have a clue as to how some seem to have issues ,and it’s seems more related to those in the US from the posts i have seen.

They have nerfed the system a lot since launch. I have extremely high visual acuity and a lot has been downgraded. I’m hoping things will turn around with Directx 12 / VR. I am currently having to reinstall after a fatal graphics glitch. I also get slapped by so-called users whoh have had no issues, but the odd thing is, I run well over 30 games and sims on my rig without any issues at all. Why is it that FS2020 needs so much attention to run, with constant tweaking and re-installing. It is not you, or your system. It’s really poor software design.


Works fine for me but then I just fly Icon, TBM, and Cessna 152 by VFR in clear skies, no multiplayer, and usually spawn in the air some place I want to fly around. Overall, except for overgrowth of trees and water creeping up banks and bridges with walls under them, I’m pretty impressed by the visuals and how they’ve improved since Aug. 18th. Too bad some folks think that wanting to “visit” places on Earth one is never likely to see in real life is just an “arcade game” - I think it’s the visual quality of the sim that will support the flight simulator realism as it’s achieved in the long-run, not the other way around. And that’s perhaps why the sim should appeal to the tourist aspect first as hopefully it will help keep a large user base for a long time to justify all the other needed improvements. Otherwise, like all the other flight simulators, MSFS might just be another relative niche product that requires lots of expensive add-ons the more of the world one wants to see in beautiful 3D. Considering what true simmers have spent on improving other flight sims compared to how little MSFS costs to start with, I don’t see why disgruntled dyed-in-the-wool simmers can’t happily go back to whatever their preference is at the moment, hardly begrudge the $60 to $120 they paid out for MSFS compared to what they already plunked down to max out their other sim(s), and wait for MSFS to improve enough to be worth flying by their standards. Regard the money expended as a long-term investment to reach a place the other sims are unlikely to ever go…patience is a virtue that’s often rewarded.

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If you had no such issue yourself, why not enjoy the game and stop trolling others’ sincere complaints?

I have never seen elsewhere so many “customers” trying so hard to downplay other customer’s issue reports. WHY? How could you guys be so arrogant that you “fact-checked” other individual’s OWN experiences?

“Check your own hardware”. Are you serious? How on the earth could the exact same hardware caused the same game to look great when it’s first released, but became worse graphically after a few “upgrades”? This kind of comments really showed how desperately you were to downplay true issues.


forget it!

I condemn that “Improved TAA” thing which was introduced with Update 5. Since then I could never enjoy MSFS as before.

Has ANYONE ever asked for improving TAA or so? Can anyone really explain what “Improved TAA” was for?

I feel cheated like being sold a “better TV” by a salesperson, only to find that it’s of much lower quality than the model I originally planned to buy. In that scenario we would all guess the salesperson’s motive closely enough, but in this “Improved TAA” case no one can tell WHY the development team ever bothered doing that.

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Funny, how can you declare “no issue whatsoever”? Are you part of the development team who have “God views” and are experts on everything about this game?

The only reason I still read such threads in this forum is that I am also experiencing issues and want to find some solution. Why are you here then? You should have enjoyed your game instead of wasting time bashing others for “bashing my perfect game”.

Please show your least respect towards other players who report issues based on their own experiences. You are NOT entitled to your own “fact-checks” because you knew nothing about what others may have experienced!


Can I say you are discriminating US players and customers here?


Can you post a screenshot about “the world look terrible below” as well your setting it’s pretty hard to know what is your issue. Nvidia setting can make issue, nvidia optimizing option as well etc… Some had no streaming even enabled, and others had nvidia setting overriding MSFS setting doing more harm then good.

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What are the points why in your system “the sim that just gets worse and worse” ?
This phrase doesn’t mean nothing.

Go search my old posts that came with screenshots if you could not find many more screenshots from other players about these issues.

I have no time or appetite forever to “prove” the same case to every weird issue deniers like you. I have already submitted the Zendesk issue reporting ticket, but what have I got? A secret and silent “Solved” ticket status update without any explanation or detail.

The development team never labeled my issue ticket as “fact-checked as false”. Who do you think you are then?

That’s exactly another player’s true feeling. People are entitled to share their own experiences, even based on their own perceptions. Aren’t you guys’ claim “this game has no such issue” based on your own experience and perception?

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You can say what you like… If the hat fits …

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Advice to voluntary issue deniers:

Consider building an organization or website which is dedicated to downplaying other customers’s negative reviews, issue reports and complaints. I am pretty sure you will be welcomed by companies and vendors all over the world!

Imagine most Amazxx negative reviews be followed by “fact-checked by experts: no such issue”. It’s truly a brilliant original business idea, isn’t it?

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