MSFS 2020 transfer to a new pc

Does anyone know the best procedure for transferring MSFS to a newly purchased pc?

The licence should be tied to your MS/Steam account, so in theory you should just be able to download and install the sim on your new machine.

You can copy the files from one pc to the other (via LAN or external drive). Then you only have to redownload the installer

I had a new 2TB hard drive installed and got the shop which built my PC some time back to install this and clone from my 1Tb hard drive. Got the PC home and all good, everything was working MSFS2020 and P3Dv4. The after backing up I formatted my 1 TB hard drive and guess what? MSFS 202 and all my add ons had disappeared. It seems there is still information on your initial drive. I suggest a complete reinstall