MSFS 2020 Updates

When you install the upcoming MSFS 2020 updates, do they also fix any issues that you might have with the simulator? like a repair thing…

There are fixes to issues in pretty much every update. What they’re going to be this time around and how effective they’ll be is anyone’s guess until the update actually drops. In some cases, past fixes have done basically nothing (like many of the weather fixes to date) or actually made something broken even worse than before (Longitude oscillation “fixes” and autopilot / Garmin “fixes”). And of course, 1 fix sometimes works, but ends up breaking other stuff in the process.

It’s a roll of the dice, really. Just wait and see.

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One way to get an idea of things they’ve done before, consider the release notes for the last world update. They included a LOT of other fixes in it. So hopefully this trend continues and we see a lot of fixes included with the next update.


I read your question differently, so excuse me if I’m incorrect, but I read it as you asking whether the releases fixed software problems with the simulator itself, not the actual planes or physics involved with the planes.

Fortunately, I haven’t had problems with the software, but if that IS what you’re asking, perhaps others can weigh in.

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It seems like every update seems to fix some things, but then break others. Back when there was the major USA scenery update in November, it broke the default A320 and I believe some other aircraft. The AP didn’t work and even now it’s still very wonky. However, it did include many fixes and of course added improved scenery around the US.

We’re still trying to recover from the mess they made of the AP and Garmin nav system from that update. They still haven’t managed to get things working right since.


Exactly, and on top of the AP bugs, even the aerodynamics and physics are still off. For example, the default A320 feels very underpowered. This has also been an issue since that update.

What a mess it made the sim…

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So I hear. I know the 320’s been full of issues. I don’t fly the airliners, so I can’t comment on those from personal experience.


Yeah, I’ve only been flying the A320 for the most part. I can say though that before the November USA update, I had no problems flying the default A320. It flew great for me and I was really enjoying it. Now because of that update alone, I’m stuck either not flying or having to use the FBW now which has been causing FPS issues and stuttering on my PC, which the default was not.

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I believe when updating the installer will reinstall any files that have been modified, moved or removed that exist as part of the standard install so yes you could say it is like a repair. If that’s what you mean?

That doesn’t mean to say it will fix any issues you may have that are not necessarily dependant solely on the game files being installed correctly.

When is the next World Update III coming out ?

It was supposed to be today, but it’s delayed by about 1 week. Barring any other delays, probably 1 week from today.

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Yes that’s exactly what I meant BobbyFuzzy. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

There are usually two updates. You get one via the market place which will contain updates to the actual core code and then when you run the updated sim you will (usually) get a content update which is scenery, airports, aircraft etc.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we could get a Core update today and the World Update next week, after all not everything is tied to the World Update.

I would call that unlikely. If there’s one thing we’ve seen from Asobo is that they only push updates when absolutely necessary. Hell, they don’t even want to push a hotfix to patch the global terrain spikes issue from last patch. The only time they’ve reluctantly issued hot fixes was after massive community outcry due to severe game breaking bugs that they otherwise would have been content waiting till next patch to fix.

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but I’d be utterly shocked to see any kind of update before the full world update next week.

It concerns the First update of the just installed MSFS 2020. In my previous PC all whent fine, however that particular PC was not really suited for this MSFS 2020. But the new one is speciale made for it (super)!

The update hangsup upon that particular issue.

Aren’t you lucky that Asobo developed this sim for you? Give them some credit…

I give them a lot of credit for what they’ve acheived. I absolutely love this sim.

I also have been following their track record from Day 1. They’re very adverse to issuing patches and updates outside of their scheduled updates even when they really should be (hot fixes). The likelihood they’d release an update tomorrow and then the world update next week as the post above suggests is next to nil.