MSFS 2024 Community folder?

Just wondering if the community folder will come across form MSFS 2020 to the new MSFS 2024 as Microsoft all the market place purchases will follow in 2024 but not the community folder if not why not ???

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Ok thank you i thought i put it out there :grin:

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Nothing has been 100% confirmed.

But the announcement that most addons will remain compatible implies the need for a folder of some sort for addons, no matter what they ultimately decide to call it.

Thanks i hope they do because i have the fenix A320,gsx,fstraffic and so on

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it woul be nice, if 2020 and 2024 could share the same community folder. So we could save some space on our HDDs

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While it would be great to have that, I’m more for keeping 2020 and 2024 completely separate programs to avoid any potential cross-bugs (new word?). Hope I make sense.


Its still early days yet but a few of us notice this in the new UI, also a Lvl counter and is that virtual cash or something else. on the far left theres a community toggle under enable/disable so maybe

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You level up in 2020 so you likely level up in 2024 too. And with careers? Folks don’t typically work for free so there may be money involved. I think those are player stats that show even in Marketplace.


I also noticed Streamed and Installed. So it looks like the user has a choice, that’s good news for us low end FTTC and ADSL folks at least. :sweat_smile:

@BragRaindrop933 one for you mate. :+1:

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There will be later addons that will be 2024 only. I can’t see them using the same folder, as the 2024 addons would likely cause problems in 2020.