MSFS 2024 feature/improvement summary (updated June 2024)

I think the areas of improvement up to this point are very promising and certainly exciting. Making the twin world as high fidelity as possible in the areas where possible, I think is a worthwhile effort. So things like live ship traffic, animals, and the stunning diversity of biomes, vegetation and improved ground terrain is fantastic and certainly will be a huge leap for the fidelity of the back-country of the twin-world. However, I’m hoping cities get some attention to transform them somewhat from the lifeless post-apocalypse state they are in. My hope is that, for example, vehicle traffic is improved (variety and improved models), and that in much the same way a data source will be utilized for live ship traffic that they can also tap into live vehicle traffic data where possible. I think this should be possible in most of the major population areas. The other thing I couldn’t help but think was, as we’re seeing improvements to animals out in the country-side to make that more life-like and interesting to explore (which I love, actually) and in other places in the trailer we’re also increasingly seeing humans (and there was a mention at the expo that a lot of effort was undertaken in modeling humans of all the diversities of the world) … could we hope to see humans to some extent out and about in the world, in the cities? Certainly, if anything, the area of the airports and terminals would be a good start. But perhaps like with auto-gen vehicle traffic, or the animals, humans could be found beyond the airports to at least some extent in the cities, villages, farms, etc,. Much like the animals, they would be visible or more detailed at lower altitudes or closer proximity. Anyway, in my thinking, along with a few other improvements to the cities or more inhabited areas, having humans simply walking about in the world would substantially give it less of a post-apocalyptic feel. Perhaps some day. With the project being taken on in tandem with so many partners I think it could be possible to take on such an endeavor without detracting away development resources from the other improvement efforts.

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Yeah, you just got my point, it’s ugly and inaccurate. That’s why I hope they have improved that feature.

well im praying that they will implement a proper save/resume functionality this time around


does anybody have any solid facts/sources on this?? all we have is very scarce comments here and there… but nothing in any depth

its so frustrating to be cpu locked and watch it being used at 25%, one core maxed out and all others idling…
now… i understand that having all your threads at 100% is never going to happen with a flight simulator
but it feels like there is some serious room for improvement here

use the gpu for physics? directstorage? proper DX12 support? there are technologies out there that would help a lot to offload the cpu… will they be used?

They had a whole section dedicated to it on the last developer livestream.

you wouldnt happen to have a link by any chance

The last Developer stream before the FS Expo is here.

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i take it you are referring to the segment from aprox 20:00 to 25:00 ?
if so… in that segment they are explaining what the main thread is and why its usually a bottleneck.
my question is: for 2024… what improvements can we expect on this matter? how are they planning to alleviate the main thread situation? what things, if any, will they offload from the main thread?
i haven’t seen any hard, solid info on this… only very general comments saying just that it will be improved… but thats about all there is on the matter…

Seb said on one of the last interviews (I think it was the one with Sérgio (Hellisimmer)) they are finishing the DX12 integration, that’s something that will help.

He also said last year they were making the CFD more multi-threaded, quoting SEB:

You know, CFD is very important for helicopters. And so with the new system, we’re very much multi-threaded, taking work of the main thread about all the simulation aerodynamics works.

Source: Interview with Microsoft - what’s MSFS 2024, helicopters, and the future of MSFS 2020 •

Also there are a lot of pieces of info here and there. I believe Seb also talked about offloading the mainthread by making other features more multi-threaded (IIRC weather was one of them).


ok… that is something… it sounds like they are moving CFD out of the main thread, that sounds good

i think in these interviews a lot gets lost in translation (which is inevitable of course) i have to watch them over and over to try to get clean cut facts out of what he’s saying, for example, in the next segment, he was asked about cores, but he quickly drifts away into flight control surfaces and the cores question was left pretty much unanswered

seb however seems to be focused mainly on memory use… which makes sense because the sim has memory issues and they are the source of ctds (the avionics use 1gb of ram which i think is insane), but not so much about better thread load distribution

I think the guy more versed on the engine itself is actually Martial Bossard. He’s always the third guy in the Q&A dev streams. Seb is the CEO, he knows everything that’s happening, but probably not the deeper details. Martial seems more knowledgeable about those stuff, but unfortunately he is the one with more issues to communicate in english and he sometimes doesn’t understand the questions or can’t express accordingly.

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No they haven’t given us any clear details. I’ve watched all of the interviews and various bits have been mentioned here or there but no real details. Last year Seb said they’d multithreaded some engine code and made it 10 times faster but didn’t tell us which bit. It’s clearly not everything that will be 10 times faster!

Then again I don’t know why we should expect any more details than we have. The product is 4 months away, unfinished, and I can’t remember a time any other developer gave out such detailed info. As much as I’d love to know, I’m not expecting to find out. When I run MSFS 2024 on my PC then I’ll know how well it performs, and until then it doesn’t matter anyway.


Yeah I remember that “5x-10x” performance improvement claim too, never seemed likely! I guess they meant a very specific component could be improved by that much, it wasn’t communicated too well.

Now the most recent statement we have is “performance should be the same or better” :sweat_smile: (depending whether you believe Seb or Jörg).


What I am personally expecting is much the same or perhaps slightly better.

If the coding results in a much more efficient sim my expectation is that some of the headroom will be used in another way e.g. better effects or maybe in some other way.

So basically all the things FS2020 should have added… And rather than updating this sim, as it should have been, you just added those missing features into a new build so you could charge us all once again. Brilliant business model, nobody will be upset about this.

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For “planes / helicopters included in the base sim” in the top post (updated) there are a few planes I use now in the current base package that aren’t listed. Ex: C172, CJ4. Do those planes go away from the base, or is that list just new planes in the base package and the old ones are still there?

Exactly IMHO. “nature abhors a vacuum” which mean the ressource they will free will be eat by other features they will add. In other words, don’t expect any kind of performance improvement IMHO, just some more bells and whistles. People will max those ones, and then will complains about performance :wink:

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They are not taking anything away for the aircraft selection. Eventually the Ornithopter and F-18 may have to be removed though when their license to use them runs out, unless they can wrangle an extension.


I doubt they’ll remove the F/A-18, just any references to Maverick.


They’ve added a lot of new stuff for 2020, new aircraft and the avionics upgrades being the most important for me. But we had all the World Updates, city updates and sim updates too.

It’s easier to add new content than new features for a released product. At some point the changes needed need so much effort that devs need to release new product. That’s the case here.