MSFS 2024: Free for existing customers?

I’m immensly looking forward to MSFS2024 but has an exact release date been released? And if not do we know if we’re likely to learn of a release date soon please?

We’re likely to find out on the 9th of June at the Xbox event, where its presumed a new trailer will be shown.

Best guess for release is sometime in November, or late October.

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply! 1 week from now until we know :slight_smile:

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I’m still not seeing anything worth spending $70 again.

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then don’t spend it and you can move on with your happy life.


Agreed. No point to this thread. It’s a new game, it’ll cost. End of story. Simple.


I will gladly purchase 2024. It has been this way for the decades of FS. The main difference between those years and 2020 is the significant volume of updates and additional DLCs that they have provided over the 4 years of this version.


Now that we know the release date and that it’s a fully priced game, I feel like this thread can be closed.


Where did this price come from.USD 70/-??

kind of sad and disappointed just purchase 2020 a few months back only

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Are you disappointed because you bught MSFS 2020, but didn’t receive it? :thinking:

But seriously, why would you get disappointed because you bought X product and didn’t get Y product for free?


70USD is the new standard price for most (if not all) AAA titles. But no, they didn’t announce the prices.

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I am planning to change my actual 5 years old mobile phone (famous android phone brand starting with S) and I need a bigger one for you know better camera / video / gps for my car, stylus to sketch and take notes in my work meetings and why not for MSFS moving maps etc.

I look at the prices of these flagship S phones and they are the price of a laptop with Win 11 (for how long WIn 11 will be supported in terms of updates?).

And then I found that previous years models are still offering great performance for what I need with a great price.

But the downside is that the S company does not offer any more software updates beyond the 3 years for some, 4 years for others and only the laptop priced ones today enjoy 5 years.

You see my conclusion coming for sure… MSFS bought in 2020 for let’s say 100$ here in Canada offered 4 years of all what we already got as free enhancements and updates + goodies of all kinds.

So I will be so happy to invest in a new version of MSFS (2024) for another 100$ after 4 years and welcome another set of 4 years of fun and additional free updates while I am not sure that I will pay the S company 1800$ canadian for only 4 years of a securely updated mobile phone…


It’s really hard to beat the value of Microsoft Flight Simulator when it cost about 7 cents a day over four years… not a bad deal at all.


More like a X.1 product. From what I can tell from the trailer is pretty much more dynamic and extreme weather and missions to not make you bored. I not so disappointed that is not free. I am disappointed that is not in a dlc/ addon form rather is a whole new game all together making me feel that mfsx 2020 is going to be obsolete soon.

Not sure if you see where i coming from but yeah that is just my view.

It doesn’t look like it. It’s a new product. From what they’ve shared so far, there are fundamental changes in the engine (physics, atmospheric effects, persistent world etc).

We had several DLCs in those 4 years, free and paid, but at some point they need to move on from the old product. It makes sense financially and technologically.

They need money to keep the development alive and also they need a new engine to keep things improving.

It might get obsolete when the new sim arrives indeed, but that happens to all products we buy: cars, computers, mobile phones, laptops etc. On the other hand, they’ve already stated they will keep supporting MSFS 2020, and will backport from 2024 everything possible. You don’t need to rush, take your time before moving to 2024.


MSFS 2020 for the first time in the history of PC Sims (and most probably training sims) made virtual VFR , bush flying and helicopter ops possible and highly immersive. And still no other sim on the market could compete on this aspect, they remain in the old formula of “IFR” flights…

I love the fact MSFS 2024 underlined this strength by showing the different ways, experiences and techniques of being an aviator. And for this, it seems to have pushed the “low and slow” immersion even further, as far as the preview screens and video show, by boosting even more the levels of details at ground level (Terrain elements , vegetation etc.).If these ground level details are a world wide aspect of the engine, 2024 will certainly be light years ahead of other PC Sim(s) in this aspect.

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Begging you pardon but, people out there in flightsim world like MGOUGE452 and others have put a good deal of their time to upgrade the performance of GA type aircraft. You may have missed these.

I was referring to upgrade work (or lack of it) done by Asobo to the base & premium MSFS Planes.
Yes, without independent 3rd Party developers improving theses planes, MSFS would not be the place it is today.

I can tell you that 1st hand, as a Plane developer (Part of the wb-sim Dev team – C172)

wb-sim C172 JF

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at the state were 2020 is at moment with all the new bugs,after last sim updates,i am not pay for 2024 to fix the bugs,so yes should be free for 2020 user,but make ony sence if the servers work better…at moment you never know if it even start,or take more time as the flight…rant over :wink: