MSFS 2024: Free for existing customers?

By the way, that title of the article isn’t proof. It is what the author of the article understood. The quotes that he gives are talking about the franchise coming back after a hiatus, and that they were in it for the long haul. The quotes in the article are referring to the franchise. The author interpretted that as that sole version of the application. So linking someones misinterpretation isn’t proof, because Microsoft themselves did not write that article.

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but most came to the same conclusion, thus the outcry :rofl:

I only see one outcry, while most others either just read the new developments, enjoy the sim or time outside alone or with their beloved. Neither Asobo ever said it’d be free for the then coming decade, nor any other developers like for example those of the train simulator genre. There’s a big difference between supporting a product and developing further extensive upgrades. And, what many seem to ignore, is that we’ve gotten quite a lot of free additions, with the most prominent being the “40th anniversary edition” or the periodical World Updates, whereas other flight sim developers would’ve made those payable.

Lastly, we don’t even know as of yet, how and when FS2024 will appear, nor do we how potential upgrade offers will look like.

Mate, just enjoy what you have now or go out and explore the world and wait and see how things develop.

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There are many other problems I didn’t mention, in particular CTDs, VR problems, loading problems etc.

Is it not time to leave this poor dead horse alone? At least until maybe Microsoft announces perhaps what their pricing strategy is for the new simulator? And then maybe after that, we can dig his poor corpse up and commence with beating him a little more.


New product MSFS 2024 – does that mean a NEW Forum for 2024, or will it be “One FORUM for all” , and a confusing mess of both MSFS2020 & MSFS2024, which really are looking like they will be entirely different products ?

There’s already a Category for MS-2024. There’s no reason that they wouldn’t just duplicate the MSFS-2020 Sub-Categories into this and just rename them 2024.

A small contribution to this topic:

  1. will 2024 be for free, no way.
  2. do I hope for a small discount for existing msfs20 users. Sure i do, but it wont be a dealbreaker for me if there isnt any.
  3. will i buy 2024 first day? nope… Unless there will be a major announcement next months with revolutionary improvements that will be suitable for my “rig”.
  4. Is 2024 is based on the current info comparable with 2020? For me it is certainly with all the addons and mods currently available.
  5. do i appreciate the announcement that (most) bought addons for 2020 will be transferable to the 24 edition… hell yeah
  6. would it be clever to have a new (sub) forum for 2024, i certainly think so
  7. Am I excited about the release of 2024, you bet Iam