MSFS 2024 Mission Requests

Created a thread for Mission requests and suggestions to give developers ideas in the event that missions might be periodically created and available for download into the sim. Of course nobody knows yet whether or not this will happen, but discussing it won’t hurt! Feel free to share your ideas for new missions here!


I just wish to have FSX nostalgic tutorial missions. Give me that and I’ll be happy :slight_smile:
Anyway I guess they read stuff from the forum…


Probably the forums, right here.


Here are a few ideas I have for now:

VIP Transport:
-Fly the U.S. President for a flight in Air Force One to KDCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport near Washington DC and then transfer into Marine One for arrival to final destination (White House). Possible additional scenario: During this mission, you are accompanied by 2 fighter jets and your very own traveling TFR. At one point during the mission, a bogey violates the TFR and a fighter jet breaks away from the fleet to intercept and divert the bogey away. Ideally, the mission allows the player to act as PIC in each scenario (AF1, fighter pilot, and M1).

-Delivery of a brand new aircraft. Pilot will fly it to the new owner, and then take the owner up for a brief checkout flight, going through each of the aircraft systems.

Hurricane Hunter Mission: As a member of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) team, fly through the eye of a major hurricane to collect important weather data.

Military operations:
-formation flying in a jet
-midair refueling
-night ops, low flying under radar in a chopper to an enemy (or secret) compound


Instead of scripted missions, it should be like the ETS2 career system. Select a desired task from a desired location then fly. So the same scenarios could be flown endless times in different places and with different lengths


This one has been missing. Been addicted to ETS2/ATS because of the bookings system. Hopefully they will come up with something like this. However, when you crash, you’re dead! lol

There is the NeoFly add-on (new updated version 4 coming soon) for that sort of career system. Also SimFly is a career mode add-on in development coming in 2024 (which they say will also be compatible for MSFS2024). SimFly seems to be a more modern version of the old FS Economy system which allowed you to fly various jobs (like NeoFly) and also allows you to own & rent aircraft and purchase and manage airport operations.

I personally enjoy the scripted missions, dialogue, interactions, and cut scenes.

Perhaps Microsoft and Asobo can figure out a way to do both? Looks like they will certainly have some sort of career mode, but that is just speculation based on the trailer.

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Fly a cargo plane full of rubber dog sh!t out of Hong Kong.


Made these back at release. Any of these would be great!

I’d also add things like these…

Heli firefighting where you need to pick up water from nearby swimming pools.

Cargo drops with the A400M. Whether it’s a training flight or supplying aid to a natural disaster etc.

Great that SAR will be included, hopefully they can mix that with the fire assets to make something like the above video possible.

Could recreate the world record where 82 hot air balloons (of the 100 starters) crossed the channel.


GA Pilot
I select my airport and parking spot or hangar, maybe make flight plan ahead of time. If I create a flight plan, I should be able to check the weather along the route right there. Enter the sim.

Drive my car up to my plane, open the hangar door if my plane is in a hangar, do my walkaround, check fluid levels by opening ports, pulling dip sticks, check my flight surfaces for damage / leaking brakes, etc… Check my phone for local Leidos weather flight plan, or the computer in the local FBO building I can walk to, maybe buy gas from the guy at the counter, or call the FBO on the radio and order gas. File IFR if necessary.

Climb up on the wing or strut, open door and climb in. Start up and Request taxi and get squawk code if at Class C or B airport, or need one to get out of a GA airport under the cake of one. Do run up. Land at destination. Borrow the local FBO car (yeah, that beat up 1976 Station Wagon over there), drive to restaurant on the shore, admire the boats out on the lake, get hamburger…


Ok so i have five ideas

  1. Taking the airbus cargo plane around the mach loop would be really fun,

  2. Star Wars Canyon with the A10

  3. Alaskan Busch pilot mission Anchorage to Dutch Harbor

  4. Saint Paul Minnesota International a330 300 landing (based off of Northwest Airlines operational history there

  5. Red Bull challenges with the extra 300


Second this. NOAA sends an A10 into hurricanes for data collection


but will the hamburgers be simulated? Will sesame seed count be accurate to the real bun? And if god forbid the tomato texture is off…


After the last week reading these forums, I hope they release a bug fix search and rescue where you scoure the flight path from Asorbo to Microsoft searching for the wreckage of the cargo of big fixes that would make all of the entitled poster happy.

At some point you’ll discover that there is no missing cargo, and file the lack of bug fixes to rescue as… a bug.

Take the sandwiches from the Starfield announcement.


and can we choose how it’s cooked? If it’s medium rare, will they simulate the dripping juices?


I know Jorg wants to do something with the Space Shuttle (as do i), but it would work better as a Top Gun style DLC rather then just a couple of oddly placed missions, so i just put this together as a bit of a concept.

The Artemis II mission is scheduled for Q4 2024 & is NASA’s first manned moon mission in 50 years. Would work well to release something like this around a notable NASA event or Anniversary.


I hope the missions will let us choose our aircraft. I haven’t done any of the bushtrips, landing challenges, etc., because they always force you to take a pre-chosen default aircraft. But I exclusively fly in study-level aircraft, or at least high quality third party planes (I know I’m a snob…).


Two more ideas I had were

  1. heli expo fly in (would be fun to try to land a helicopter in that small area)

  2. Oshkosh airshow approach pattern (fly the Oshkosh traffic pattern until it’s your turn to land)


That may be a bit of a challenge because a specific mission most of the time will require a specific aircraft. Perhaps they could create some missions that allow you to select from a range of different aircraft (including third party/payware aircraft) that would be capable of completing the mission or end goal. That would be sweet…like you, I also prefer to fly more realistic aircraft than what is typically offered in the base sim.