MSFS Addon Compatibility List

I’d wager we now have approaching 1/4 of XBOX add-ons on the list, thanks everyone.

I have been cleaning up some entries here and there which I’m happy to do, please remember to place a comment if you mark a mod down as Yellow or Red. Links are also super handy for any problem mods, it’ll save me a lot of time scouring for them.

PC guys, you can now add your marketplace add-ons and input peripheral conflictions such as VR, etc. If the peripheral doesn’t appear in the drop-down list just type it in and it will get added to the drop down list for future entries. The filter sheet is now very useful for scanning the entire spreadsheet under different criteria.



We may have a workaround for the F15 throttle desynch issue. I have tested a little so far and it’s looking good.

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Just update the comment with the workaround if all is good :+1:

May I add to the list…

LVFR: LEMD good fps no ctds so far on my flights.
Beautiful scenercys of the world LEVC Valencia, works good jetways don’t work.
LVFR jetways. All good, nice sounds and good textures.

Xbox series s

The list is open to all to edit, feel free to add your entry. If for any reason you cannot do it I can try for you as long as you give as much detail as possible.

I have added a link to the workaround, could you just confirm it is correct when you get a moment? I don’t want to be misunderstanding the problem.


Could I ask people to revisit their entries and make sure a platform has been added?

If you own an already added product on a different platform, you can copy and paste it into a new line and change the platform; along with any other information you need to add. Now we can search by platform multiple entries are perfectly fine.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!

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Just add EBBR airport report on the list. Hope I did it correctly…

It looks like the sheet has been totally messed up, a lot of rows have been deleted and someone has formatted columns with filters… I’m sure it wasn’t you so don’t worry.

All you have to do is click on the cell and type in what you need, or use drop down selection boxes. Once you’ve finished, just close the sheet; no need to “save it”.

I’ll be replacing the link with the backup I made this morning.

EDIT: I have now uploaded the backup!

Thanks a bunch for doing this! I was getting locked up screens when changing views from LVFR airport static traffic and went and looked at the sheet and found that it indeed had a yellow caution attached to it. Brilliant!

No worries, hopefully it’ll get more useful as it populates!

I’ve noticed there seems to be common issues with LVFR airports that stop the jetways reaching aircraft…

What platform are you getting lockups on with static traffic? If it’s certainly that add-on causing your issue I’ll add it to the list as a potential problem.

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XBox X with beta 1.21.18 and I just installed it today before looking at the sheet, oops. I tested 3 different VFR flights today and when on the ground at 3 different airports when changing my views the whole screen locked up, the only way out of it was by killing the game. I’ll test it now after removing but that was the only thing that changed with the sim and previously I was not having any issues at all on the beta.

I have added another entry for Airport Static Traffic on your behalf as the existing entry didn’t state the platform. If you find the issue wasn’t with Airport Static Traffic after all, either I can change it or you can as you see fit!

I rated this as “red” this time, as I consider freezes like that a serious problem. Cheers!

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I appreciate that. I just flew 2 more times without LVFR static traffic and I did not get any screen freezes. So, yeah at this time red is probably a good call. Bummer, it was pretty immersive while it lasted until locking up my system. :slight_smile:

Yeah this is the one

I have just recently purchase two PilotPlus sceneries:

Wycomb Air Park


Ever since then i’m getting CTD on every approach. Even CTD on approach in Canada today with default scenery, so i’ve uninstalled the PilotPlus scenery and see what happens.

If you find anyone else having the same issue a link would go along way to helping us keep track of it. I hope this isn’t the cause of your issue as I was really looking forward to adding PilotPlus airports to my sim!

In this thread almost 12 months old, PilotPlus Wycombe Air Park was causing CTDs at airports in Seattle and Washington! This was fixed by an update shortly afterwards.

Wondering if XBOX has the same version of Wycombe, and if this is a similar issue.

I’d certainly install Oxford and leave Wycombe uninstalled to see if it’s safe.

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This is a fantastic observation. You may be right!

I have LVFR Static Aircraft installed since it’s release on Xbox and have not had any CTD. Currently I am running the latest Beta and my Xbox Series X has been very stable, smoother than previous release.
Do you have many airports installed?