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While i dont use this website, it looks like they are still adding things, just not writing much in their news section. They might be updating those, but it looks like its been like that for a while… ftw

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Somewhere buried between the advertisements are maybe some updated addons to be found. Or at least links to other pages that is.

There is a post from the 14th March 2021 regarding the H135 helicopter project but the download link points to Airbus H135 Helicopter Project » Microsoft Flight Simulator. Which is site.

I’ve not used this site for months, everything I get now is from

If you log in when you download you can see by the yellow ticks, which mods have been updated and has a new version for you. I find that feature very useful keeping track of all the mods I have.

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And if you are going to point your users to another site for content why should they come to you in the first place.

I found from the Reddit group /r/FS2020Creation/ where creators often show their WIP before it comes to

Definitely worth checking out from time to time.


In terms of everything, really.
Serving users advertisements that contain big “DOWNLOAD” buttons just to redirect you to more adverts doesn’t seem to have been a good strategy to go for.
Let alone the huge amount of features for content creators on…

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For me, it’s or bust when it comes to freeware. All others pale in comparison. It’s clean, easy to use, and just a pleasure to use, compared to all other MSFS addons sites I’ve seen so far. And has great features like letting you know when mods you downloaded have been udpated. That’s a big win right there IMHO.

If only the in-sim marketplace would follow that same model.


To be honest, i don’t even want an in-sim market place. If i want to browse new addons i need to start up the sim. Massive inconvenience. The interface must fit in with the rest of the sim. Want to update things? You need a sim update.

It would have been so much easier to simply create a dedicated site for the store, or use MS Store. Go to the site, look around, buy what you want, and it gets quietly downloaded to the sim without you having to start it up.

Sure, there would be a problem getting it to work with the Steam version, but it’s not like other publishers don’t use this exact model with their Steam games. has the best collection of addons. The only issue I have with it is that it is a bit difficult to sort through the scenery, the flags help, but still its will become much more difficult to find what you want as more scenery is added. I think a map of the world with truncated scenery in regions would make it much easier to find scenery in the areas you are looking for.


Isn’t the scenery map exactly what you ask for?


Awesome, didn’t even know it existed. Now that I have seen it don’t know how I missed it.


it should be possible to post reviews to the marketplace and attach the most recent one to the individual products directly. Also there should be a counter that shows how many times each product has been purchased


Somehow my original post was deemed “offensive or abusive” by the community and/or moderator. I’m not sure exactly how since all that I asked was if the MSFS Addons website was still active or not. However, if I offended anyone I do apologize.


Yeah, they flagged my post too, so I just removed it.

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@CaptDaddio88, I thought it very weird that your post should be “banned” and I do not see why you should apologise to anyone. Something funny going on here. Cheers.

AI moderator and machine learning at work… combing through terms and specific keywords.

@Neo4316, oh please let it not be so!!! Cheers.