MSFS always CTD at first run

There is a very old thread on this so I assume is not a common issue anymore.
MSFS CTD at every first run after PC shutdown, then it runs normally on every subsequent attempts.
CTD occurs after a few seconds I hit FLY NOW. No error message or pop up: MSFS just quits with return to desktop. On second attempt all is fine and also if I quit MSFS several times and restart everything is normal. This only happens after PC shutdown/restart.

  • It happens indipendently of the aircraft/airport (I tried FENIX, PMDG, FWB, default Cessna)
  • Problem appeared 3 days ago with no changes to simulator and no other software/windows update installation
  • It happens also with community folder disabled

I really don’t understand why It’s only failing the first run and not everytime then?
In the event viewer I get the standard error “bla bla bla faulty application Flightsimulator8ex8e8r9r etcc.exe”
Anyone can help?
Thanks so much


Hi @TallestWings553,

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