MSFS and AI: A potential look to the future

With some of the latest CPU including hardware neural engines, I was thinking of how AI could make a functional impact on the future of our sim.

So, what would be a good use of AI in MSFS? Logically, I would say functions that are human controlled in real life could benefit from AI control. That would be:

  1. ATC and Air Traffic behaviour
  2. ATC and Air Traffic speech (choice of words, intonation, regional accents, different voices, etc.) - no two interactions need ever be indentical.
  3. Airport Ground vehicles

I think CPU neural hardware could be of particular use. GPUs are also able to do these things, and the option should exist to use the GPU, but I wouldn’t necesarrily want precious GPU resources used on this since I’m often GPU limited.

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Very interesting topic. Unfortunately, I know nothing about AI, so can’t contribute, but I will follow this thread with great interest! There are already two AI ATC add-ons out (SayIntentions and beyondATC) that I know of!


I do hope Asobo do have a look at beyond atc and take bits from it to use in fs2024 atc, its still in early access but available, Atis is great back tracking runways etc, I did 3 flights yesterday just because of beyond atc, usally i do one.


No thanks. I’m more than capable of screwing up a flight on my own, I don’t need AI’s help.


I’ve wanted this feature ever since ATC was introduced to MSFS (2000? - can’t remember now). Hearing “American” voices no matter where in the world I am flying was & still is odd. This is a feature that does not depend on data such as photogrammetry that might not be available due to national / regional rules & regulations. It may require the licensing of a base set of dialects created by voice actors that can be used to train the AI, but I do not see that as an insurmountable problem.


To add where I’m coming from, I’ve seen so far too many go-arounds, runway incursions, manic ground vehicles, etc., that I figured there must be a better way.

So, since AI is meant to emulate human thinking, and new hardware being more AI driven, it seems like a match made in heaven to me.

And yes, hearing an American accent at Lusaka airport seems…unlikely.

To add to what @SmotheryVase665 said, I wonder if voice actors are even necesarry. There an ocean of online recordings that could surely be used. That way, the AI is trained on actual ATC transmissions, not just actors pretending to be ATC!

They’re absolutely not. AI can do an unnervingly remarkable job at simulating the human voice. I expect with a fair degree of certainty AI will play a huge role in FS2024 from how the world is put together and works to how the ATC functions. With all of Microsofts AI tools at their disposal its a no brainer FS2024 will be a bit of a showcase of AI’s current ability in creating a sim of this type.

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I seem to recall hearing in the news about various AI companies being sued for using data taken from the web without consent of the owners of that data in order to train their AI. I think the Hollywood actor’s union just agreed to a new contract with specific stipulations regarding the use of AI too. The potential cost of litigation would probably be far more than just licensing the data, & MS has had a working relationship with a number of companies to provide voices for missions in previous versions of the game. Simpler & quicker to just to license & be done with it, IMO.

AI could be used to make the world look better. For example, in Europe, consider the type of dwelling according to the mineralogy, the evolution of urban development, to mix the old and the modern and ugly pavilion, and to consider agriculture as such, therefore the type of plots, animals etc etc. Blackshark does the job but very average in Europe, just look at how Corsica is at…

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Blackshark does the job but very average in Europe

Yes, I agree with this. I think the Blackshark implimentation was cool for 2020. Especially the way it placed buildings and trees on Bing Maps, but the actual placed buildings were often way off. I’m sure the current technology would far surpass what we have in 2020.


i would say… atc obviously… that would be cool for accents and such… besides, voice generation is something that ai has already proven to be exceedingly good at

and to better fine tune the scenery… for example: identify when whatever Blackshark did makes no sense (hirise building in the middle of a corn field)… meaning something that would be obvious to any human being watching that its wrong

and also to correct melted buildings caused by poor photogrammetry, if the ai knows that that is a building, then lets make it have straight lines and corners.

also to identifiy roads on the side of hills and correct the geometry to make the surface of the road level with the horizon, instead of having the road “painted” on the side of the hill

thats all i can think of right now

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While I think AI would be a way to improve ATC and maybe even photogrametry, it will be a useless endeavor if MS does not fix their server issues. In the last year I have completed 1 flight, yes just 1, where I did not lose ATC voices. I have AT&T Gigabit Fiber so the problem is not with my internet. No other game has issues. I can’t even get excited about MSFS 2024 until MS fixes their servers. I am going to wait and see if MSFS 2024 is just a continuation of the same problems we have now with MSFS 2020 as I think it will be.

if im not mistaken that has been recognized as a bug and is being worked on… i believe in the upcoming SU15 you should see improvement in that regard

If MS/ Asobo don’t do something big with AI ATC in MSFS2024 they need to be ashamed of themselves.

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I made a wishlist post ages ago suggesting Captcha-style mini games on the loading screens for MSFS so users could help train the AI on what actually was a tree / olive grove / boat etc. on satellite imagery. I’m hoping they’re going to be making a lot more use of MS’s own AI infrastructure on a continual basis now to improve the world.

I thought the Captchaesque loading games was a stroke of genius. My peers on this forum didn’t even give it the time of day… :smiling_face_with_tear: :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Uzura2203 ,
I found your original Captcha post from Feb 2023, but can’t find the Wishlist item. Can you edit your post above with a link to it? I also think it is actually a good idea. It need not even be part of the sim. MS/As could create a webpage on, and ask users to review images. Perhaps give a free marketplace addon to those who review a large number of images, or have a monthly lottery with a free marketplace addon to one lucky winner!

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Right, looks like I didn’t actually get around to making the wishlist topic. There’s one up now Let us help train the AI

AI stands for Another If statement


If I can look at something and know that it is wrong, then AI should be able to do the same and better. I know that water does not flow uphill, that roads don’t go up and down cliffs, that ponds and small lakes don’t have breaking waves on them… I could go on. We could just do with a bit more “I” in AI.

I think AI can be of use in a Flight Simulator, especially for beginners. I am currently experimenting using a customized AI assistant.

For example you can type or speak:
“Lower the landing gear”

“How far is the closest airport”

“Slow down the aircraft to cruise speed”

The responses make sense and in the case of the landing gear, through SimConnect it does it for you.