MSFS and Game Store dysfunctional

After installing the latest mandatory update for MSFS, the game stopped working. It remained stuck on the picture of Mount Fuji.

I have followed every bit of advice I could find on fixing the problem, without success. Eventually, I uninstalled the game. Now, it doesn’t install when I select it in the Gamestore, and rather causes the gamestore app to close. I upload a screenshot to illustrate the issue.

Any help?

Install digital ownership.

impossible to start game after last update… access to servers impossible !!!$


IT didn’t work. The MS Store just shut down again.

Do you mean that Store crashes?
If so, you can try to reset it.
Windows 10 Settings, Apps then select the MS Store app, click on Advanced Options and choose Reset.

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Thanks for the reply, but it’s made no difference. In fact, Store didn’t reset. I think I may have a serious problem here.

Actually you can reinstall the store but requires using a command prompt.

But before you do that, try signing out of MS Store app, xbox and sign back in.

Does the Store app update and install other apps?

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Dear, the truth is that every time Asobo or Microsoft releases an update, I tremble since it is the second time that I install the game from scratch, I do not understand such ineptitude and this already starts to bore me, the only intelligent thing I have done is not to have bought the game, thank goodness I rented it through Xboxpass, but the level of incompetence of the developers bores me. Today they release a new patch, I do not know what it is, but that if I download the update and when I try to run the game it does not load. I ask the following question, you know. what they are doing? I started playing at the time of the spectrum and Commodore 64, it is the first time that the updates give so many problems, are we dealing with competent programmers? Because I do not think so.
■■■■■■ off customer

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So, I reset the Store, and signed out. Then suddenly all the apps on my computer appeared. I then looked for Flightsimulator again, and clicked on “Buy”. It then asked me to sign in and recognised that I had purchased it before. It is now downloading everything again. Holding thumbs that it will work.

Don’t let go of your thumbs until you’re in the air flying. :wink:

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Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.

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So, the game is back, after downloading through the night. But now I sit with the problem of only having two aircraft.

It installed! :slight_smile: The 2 aircrafts is in the Known Issues on the top of the forum:

Basically the sim only installs mandatory content. The rest you’ll need to download from the Content Manager and any Deluxe and/or Premium content.