Msfs azure servers usa east

Team…noticing very SLOW response times from launching MSFS. In some instances 1 hour loading time.

Is there some tool to monitor the utilization of MSFS servers inside AZURE cloud???

I noticed today over 5,000 users logged in via VATSIM and was unable to fly again today. I disabled my community folder and any mods and still unable to log in and fly.

It would be helpful to see if the MSFS AZURE servers are running at capacity to save hours of waiting and troubleshooting from the end user

Thank you

Something’s up on your end - I just checked. 5 minutes to load into the sim (with a very well-stuffed Community folder). Another 2 minutes or so to load into iniScene’s KLAX in the PMDG 737-900ER. USA East servers are my defaults.

Thanks for running a quick test. I see only about 700 users logged into VATSIM currently so i will test again

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