MSFS begins normally as if there were no update available

So, MSFS begins normally as if there were no updated available. No option to update on MS Store either… No option to update on Xbox software… And I have no Update 8 installed…

Is WU Iberia available in your marketplace to download?

It says I have to update MSFS to download Iberia update… But there is no option to download the update, MSFS lauches normally.

In the MS Store, did you check for updates? Go to “Library” then “Get Updates”.

For me, there were several updates for Xbox gaming apps in addition to MSFS:
MS Store, Gaming Services, Xbox, DirectX, Visual C UWP, and MSFS

I would also assure to check Windows updates first; if any, restart your PC. Also, if any updates in the MS Store, also restart your PC.

Just saw the update had an error and that’s why MSFS was launching as if there were no update available… Just fixed that, now it’s updating correctly… after more than 1 hour trying to update…


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Excellent! Cross fingers! :crossed_fingers:

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I performed the update but Im not seeing the Faro Portugal bespoke airport. Any ideas? BTW I have performed a update check in the Microsoft Store.

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