MSFS Bugs Have Me Worried - What Do You Think?

I have been a day 1 MSFS supporter and even participated in the early alpha test builds. I bought the highest tier option when it came out and even uninstalled my other simulators to switch and make this my main simulator. It’s been hard through all the bugs and lack of complex airplanes to keep it as my main sim as you can only get enough CJ4/A32NX before you go insane, of course, I also have the Kodiak and DC-6, etc. But I personally don’t enjoy flying those every day.

This post isn’t about the armageddon that’s about to strike MSFS or anything dramatic, I also know they plan to fix ALOT of bugs in SU8 and I am on the edge of my seat to see those bugs get crushed(hopefully once and for all). But, right now, it’s hard to look past all of the large bugs the simulator has… From live weather bugs to control bugs to weather/terrain API to even allowing complex addons like PMDG to be in the sim due to the lacking SDK. I really hope that in the coming months, Asobo focuses on what these developers want because without them we won’t have a simulator. There are core game-breaking glitches and SDK limitations that are holding the simulation back so much right now that I don’t even have words to describe it.

Ok, small fearmongering rant over. I still use MSFS as my daily simulator and I have never felt excitement for new addons like I do for this sim. Its an amazing feeling to read Robert’s posts over at PMDG or see the Fenix updates or the ini sneak peeks etc. I am so excited for the future of the simulator. But we all know, this sim has a lot to clean up before we get there.

Thanks for coming to my Ted-Talk.


I would suggest maybe waiting until SU8 does release and then the community can re-evaluate the progress that has been made in correcting these bugs.

There will be an official feedback thread, I am sure, that will accompany that release, as there has been for all such releases. That will be a good place to expand further when the time has come for actual evaluation.