MSFS Bush Pilots - Brazil trip! Auaris (SWBV) - Uaicas (SWAE)

Good day everyone! Our next flight is going to be Brasil’s Amazonas area called Xingu, depart at Auaris (SWBV) and arrive at Uaicas (SWAE), 2020-10-10T06:00:00Z and 2020-10-10T18:00:00Z. Same event twice so as many people can enjoy the flight.

This flight will be a challenge, taking place in a sea of trees with sparse dirt short strips around. In pure flight time it takes aprox. 1 hour and 11 minutes long and goes over 149 nm.

Please set your spawn to the ramp and not the runway thank you.

We will be communicating through my discord on the “Event Flight” voice chat.

For aircraft we’re flying the XCub, however really any GA aircraft is fine for this event.

Cruise altitude will be around 3,000 feet however its not strict and if you want to change it up that’s up to you.

We will be flying on the West USA server for both times so ensure your server is set correct.

Be sure to give this post a heart if you plan on joining the flight <3

I have included a flight plan as well. To input the flight plan after downloading it, when your on the map in the sim you looking for the “LOAD/SAVE” button at the bottom (or you can press space by default) and then input the .pln file.


Thanks to you and Gustavo - had a great pm flight group.