MSFS Bush Pilots - Indonesia Trip! Dabra (WAJC) - Komopa (WAKM)

Good day everyone! Our next flight is going to be Indonesia (WAJC) - Dabra and arrive at (WAKM) - Komopa. 2020-09-26T06:00:00Z and 2020-09-26T18:00:00Z. Same event twice so as many people can enjoy the flight :slight_smile:. Thank you Gustavo Peres for hosting this event!

We depart from (WAJC) - Dabra and arrive at (WAKM) - Komopa, Indonesia. This flight will be around 1 hour and 19 minutes long in pure flight time and goes over 157 nm of beautiful indonesian land.

Please set your spawn to the ramp and not the runway thank you.

We will be communicating through this discord on the “Event Flight” voice chat.

For aircraft we’re flying the XCub, however really any GA aircraft is fine for this event.

Cruise altitude will be around 5,000 feet however its not strict and if you want to change it up that’s up to you.

We will be flying on the West USA server for both times so ensure your server is set correct.

Our flight plan

I have included a flight plan as well, to input the flight plan after downloading it, when your on the map in the sim you looking for the “LOAD/SAVE” button at the bottom (or you can press space by default) and then input the .pln file



Love this region. I’ll try to be there!

If you zoom in on Komopa you can’t see an air strip. It looks like all trees. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong location on Google Maps. Dabra shows up 150 miles to the east of where Komopa shows on Google Maps. Bugalga Airstrip shows up as well as one named Bandar Udara Enarotali. (wasn’t bandar Udara the name of the character in Guardians of the Galaxy?) :upside_down_face:

My flight instructor went on to become a MAF pilot and spent some time flying in Papua New Guinea. The challenge was more than the airstrips where you land uphill on a 500’ hillside (OK, maybe longer). You also spent time circling until there was a break in the clouds so you could sneak through on a visual to land. Sometimes you turned back or on to the next stop.

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If the weather is not suitable live, I’ve made a nice theme suitable for the area “Hot & Humid”. Some nice big cumulus clouds and a little precipitation, sitting just on the hills.

You’re very welcome to use it for your tropical flights.

Put it here:

Great… See you in Indonesia!

How can we find us? My first flyin-event.

I flew later Friday night PDT and saw Eddypoolez in an SR22 and nanogiga7 in a TBM.

I was in a C208. SmileyOr

That was awesome!

Thank you!

Cruise altitude should be more like 10,500. Plenty of gorgeous mountain peaks to get over.

will be there soon :wink:

What about settings for this flight?

I have set to clear skies and 10:00.
Live traffic
All players

high clouds
All Players

10:00 AM too

Everyone can use

We’re already 8 minutes past… when are we starting?

How do you join discord server? I have downloaded the Flight event app and connected my discord account but what is the server name in discord ?

@Fazerlul Just follow the URL in the quotes and press Join button.

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What a crazy climb at the beginning. If you don’t expect it … :slight_smile:

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It’s tough terrain for a single engine propeller aircraft!