MSFS Bush Pilots - Oregon, USA! (KTHH) - (13OR)

Good day everyone! Our next flight is going to be USA, Oregon (KTHH) - Aubrey Mountain (13OR). 2020-09-12T06:00:00Z and 2020-09-12T18:00:00Z. Same event twice so as many people can enjoy the flight :slight_smile: Thank you Delta2Echo for creating this route!

Our event will be Three Rivers Airport (KTHH) to Aubrey Mountain Airstrip (13OR). We will depart heading south for the first leg then turning and heading South West, then heading East bound, fourth leg heading South East once more then finally heading north bound towards 13OR.

Please set your spawn to the ramp and not the runway thank you.

We will be communicating through my discord server on the “Event Flight” voice chat.

Our Flight Plan

For aircraft we’re flying the Savage Cub, however really any GA aircraft is fine for this event.

Cruise altitude will be around 2,500 feet however its not strict and if you want to change it up that’s up to you.

We will be flying on the West USA server for both times so ensure your server is set correct.

I have included a flight plan as well, to input the flight plan after downloading it, when your on the map in the sim you looking for the “LOAD/SAVE” button at the bottom (or you can press space by default) and then input the .pln file


I’m in. :sunglasses:

Do you mean South West?

Yes, just corrected the error

Interesting the FS has KTHH as the code since that does not exist. Three Rivers is a private field according the VFR map. Good find. I plan to trying to make tonight’s flight

That was fun! Got to get down low just like this guy, but at 1/4 to 1/6 the speed.

Thanks! Will be back to see more of that lovely scenery!

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I am a discord/multiplayer noob. How do I join your flight? and what MP settings do I need to set?


je serais là ce soir

Please advise where the “event Flight” channel was to be found in Discord. I could no find it.

Than you.

I missed it

Please disregard – I figured out where your event flight channel was.