MSFS Bush Pilots presents JAPAN! Flight #12: Into the Japan Alps

MSFS Bush Pilots Presents: JAPAN!

We invite all sim pilots to join us for an in-depth multi-leg tour of the islands of Japan. In this series of 24 flights we will take our favorite bush planes and fly low and slow over the mountains, lakes, rivers, cities, farms and highways of this spectacular country. Including over 100 points of interest, we will explore Japanese history and myth, share cultural trivia and travel stories, and just have fun flying. This is the closest you will get to Japan without a passport. Join us for this aerial adventure!

Japan! Flight #12: Into the Japan Alps
This short flight takes us deep into Honshu’s tallest mountain range via the spectacular Kurobe Gorge. After a brief stop in Toyama City, we will enter the gorge, following river and canyon, landing on grass and sandbar, and end in the beautiful castle town of Matsumoto. Join us for this bush flying adventure into the Japan Alps.

Toyama, Kurobe Gorge, Mount Tateyama, Lake Kurobe, Omachi, Matsumoto Castle, Matsumoto City

Multiplayer Settings: All Players
Date: Wednesday, September 20th
Start Time: 18:00 UTC
Flight Length: 116 nm; approx. 1.5 hours
Altitude: 10,000 ft max
Aircraft Type: Your favorite bush plane (STOL)
Cruising Speed: 90-100 KTAS
Time & Weather Setting: 16:00 JST; Live Weather

Suggested Scenery

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