[MSFS Bush Pilots] The Silk Road! Flight #7: Into Turkmenistan

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Join us as we fly along the historic and fascinating Silk Road. We begin this series of flights in the ancient city of Byzantium, flying a variety of aircraft and missions through the spectacular landscapes of Central Asia, and ending at the historic capital of Chang’an. Come along! There are wonders to behold!

Flight #7: Into Turkmenistan

We pick up where we left off in flight #6 and head east into the technicolor hills of northern Iran. We will follow roads and rivers, cross mountains and hills, fly over two beautiful national parks, and finally land in the ancient silk road city of Ashgabat.

Sharoud, Khar Turan National Park, Jajarm, Bojnord, Golestan National Park, Aladagh mountains, Ashgabat

Multiplayer Settings: All Players
Date: Wednesday, January 31st
Start Time: 1900 UTC
Flight Length: 2 hours
Altitude: 10,000 ft max
Aircraft Type: G36 Bonanza or equivalent
Cruising Speed: 165 KTAS
Time & Weather Setting: 1300 EEST; Live Weather

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