MSFS Bushpilot - for the love of aviation

We are a well-established discord group of about 800 sim-pilots who share the love for aviation. We mostly fly bushplanes (I guess hence the name), but many of us dont shy away from a good shared cockpit event in the 'bus either.

We host several events through the week. Currently we have two major events going on. We have the South American bush trip every tuesday at 1900z and the Spain tour Saturdays at 1900z. We are currently establishing a new shared cockpit event that is taking place every friday, but that is scheduled to change later.

We are an active community with people ranging from 13 to 70+. We are openminded and a cool gang. Family friendly, and only care that you are equally respectful to the community as they will be to you.


Not to rain on your parade, but…

Ah good catch. My bad. Typo.

I’ve gone along on a couple of the Spain legs. Haven’t figured out the communication yet but the planning and routes were really interesting. Hopefully, this week on Saturday I’ll figure out the Discord event channel, etc.