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Q is there a guide for this replacement somewhere. It’s necessary to know which files to take from where and where to make them, and it will also be necessary to make changes to the configurator. This is again my invention, so if it was discussed in detail somewhere, please indicate where.

Doing that you’ll lose the animated doors, windows, visors, cargo packages, transponder, DME.

You can’t just up and use a different model, all these things that were created are part of THAT model.

Just like using the model from the other livery package that isn’t mirrored, would require months of work to reanimate the model along with the extra work cutting out the various bits and having them do something.

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That is not correct. The model substitution I managed to get working only affects the exterior 3d model. The animated doors, windows, visors and cargo on the JPL mod are attached to the interior 3d model, which is still used. The doors and windows still open with their click spots and you can see outside. The visors can still be pulled down. Everything looks fine from the inside as the door skin from the alternative 3d exterior model is not visible from the inside, except for a small piece of trim. However from outside you can see a closed door and an open door when the door is open, which looks a bit odd. I don’t know how to activate the cargo, but my guess is that as the doors, windows and visor still work, the cargo will too.

There is always more than one way to tackle a problem. An alternative would be to just add the decal parts from Livery01 3d model to the existing modifed JPL 3d exterior model. None of the existing work would be lost. The decal parts from Livery01 were designed specically to go over the existing parts of the default 152. The only additional work would be that the door decal parts would need to be separated from the fuselage decal part and animated. But that would just be repeating work already done for the existing doors.

Currenlty JPL mod users can’t have a livery with text on the doors, the fuselage area just behind the doors or the centre of the vertical fin, as these areas all use mirrored textures. Why limit JPL users to just liveries that avoid placing text in these areas?

Looking at it from the other side, using a particular livery should not limit users to just the default 152 (or any default aircraft) if there is a better alternative provided by the community. However some people prefer default aicraft, so why should they miss out either. This is why I have taken the time to make sure my liveries work across multiple similar models ( ie A320 and FBW A32NX, Bagolu and default 172s, Floats, Wheel and Ski verions of the 172, DA62X or default DA62, Asobo Bonanza or the Bonanza improvement mod).

The JPL 152 is a great mod but currently limits people’s choice of liveries because it doesn’t address the problem of mirrored textures. Even though Asobo themsleves have addressed this problem for the default 152 via Livery01.


Beta 9. External & cockpit view show incorrect flap ° on the mini-info on bottom screen. Only 30° shows, when flaps at 20° or 10°, it shows 0.

This looks interesting!

Is there a full list of features? May I dare to ask, even a manual? :sweat_smile:

Dear friends of the C152,
It’s with the greatest regret that I’m going to officially end working on this project, effective immediately.
I’m just completely unable to give it the love and attention it deserves anymore with other projects and life events I have going on.
It deserves to be resurrected by you wonderful members and someone else take the helm!

The project files are all on GitHub, with all the build material needed on the Development branch with exception of the .blend files for the raw 3D Model, which I will upload to my Google Drive in the next few days to be downloaded

I will still be about should the new maintainer need any assistance getting their head around the maze of files and assets

Take a look at the Readme on the development branch for a snippet of what I’ve currently added with the wonderful assistance of <@767463986237014026> to whom deserves a great big thank you for his work and commitment to the project.

The makings of a wonderful, completely free and open source aircraft are there, it really only needs polishing off and some of the 3D Model issues (mainly textures) fixing with focus on the aerodynamics since all the updates MSFS has Received in that area….
But unfortunately it is just going to take far too long for me to do this myself

It’s been an honour, I’m extremely proud of the project and where it’s been and where it’s heading

|| @everyone ||


Thanks for your contribution

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Thank you for your quality work! :pray:
Without a doubt one of the best freeware mods you have given us!
I fly your plane 90% of the time.

Thanks for your dedication on this project it’s really awsome.

So… some news!

Double ping time, but hey, this is totally worth it
The epic @WeptBurrito2749 is going to take over the project, it’ll be maintaining its current locations etc so there won’t be any transition
He has multiple things planned for the aircraft already!
I’m so happy that the project is going to someone I already know and trust greatly!

The C152 has a new life, it’s beginning now - coming to your virtual skies!



Great news!!!
Hail to @WeptBurrito2749, our saviour! :love_you_gesture:


Honestly one of the great products (free or pay) out there. I fly your C152 regularly. Thanks for all the hard work!

Looking forward to @WeptBurrito2749 maintaining the quality work you’ve started and can’t wait for the new work.

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Thanks you so much for your contribution with this aircraft mod. I´m currently training to be a RW flight instructor, and the primary aircraft I´m using is the C152. This has been a tremendous assisting tool on the road. Thanks man!

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No, the honour has been ours. We will sadly miss your breathtaking work on this iconic aircraft, but look forward to WeptBurrito2749 carrying the baton.

Thank you for all the time you invested in this project.

Wish you all the best.

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Thank you very, very much for this project. The Cessna 152 is my favorite aircraft and because of your mod it’s by far my most flown aircraft in MSFS.

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I also love this mod. Thanks for it and looking forward

Just like to echo everyone’s sentiments, great plane, great work JPL. I fly your 152 regularly and it is a joy. Sad to see you go JPL but excited to welcome WeptBurrito2749 and look forward seeing what he has in store for us all.


JPL, like everyone else here, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing work.
I tend to only view this forum to see if there are any updates to your C152, my ‘go to’ aircraft in this sim, and although I have many other GA aircraft, both free and purchased, your mod leaves the rest standing.
It has been, and will continue to be, a real pleasure to fly your aircraft.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication.
Best wishes for whatever else you choose to do in life.


Thank you for your wonderful work on this aircraft :+1: