MSFS Camera cockpit vs external view

I have noticed a big difference in the quality of picture between cockpit and external view when flying the cessna 152. The external picture is VERY much better. Tried adjustung Reflections in General Options. Not much change if any. Graphics card in GForce 1080TI. Any suggestions on something I can do to improve the quality? BTW solid 30 FPS

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I also notice the same as you. I can clearly tell the difference in quality between external and cockpit views. I am running the sim at 4K ultra on a 60 inch TV. The external view makes the overall landscape, terrain, objects, buildings look much crisper than in cockpit view. Not sure if this has anything to do with the zoom levels between the 2 views? I notice that in external view that the zoom level is dialed further out, while inside the cockpit the zoom level is a bit closer.

nothing that comes to mind although I have the same experience;
for what it’s worth, I’m finding that external view is easier to control the aircraft. I’m a newbie and quite honestly I find the external altimeter reading easier to understand than the cockpit version…

right on. exactly my issue.