MSFS changed Rwy given by SimBrief?

I generate a route from VGHS to VQPR and Simbrief gave me Rwy 15 for landing which is perfect, but after loading it within MSFS the sim changed it to 33 which I do not want. I have seen several landings to 15 which work out fine for me, but the changing make it difficult because ATC will complain if I land at 15. I have studied the landing at 15 via YouTube vids and I absolutely prefer it. How can I make MSFS accept Simbrief route resp. why does MSFS just change it?

For whatever reason, that does happen.
Once you are in the world map planner, make sure your arrival in it specifies the correct runway and approach.

But in the map MSFS only offers Rwy 33.

Do you have the option to enforce the flight plan enabled in assistance options?

Where in the assistance option do I find this setting? You mean Assistance Options by MSFS?

Yes, in the MSFS assistance options.

And where exactly resp. what is it called?

It offers both in my sim.
33 is highlighted, but if you scroll up 15 is there.

I only could choose 4 different STAR. And all referred to rwy 33. Now I will test again.

And as I guessed Paro Tower only offers 33. So I have to ignore them again. Great for immersion. I just want MSFS to accept the Simbrief Flightplan.

What STAR are you using?

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When i force 15 the whole route by SimBrief will be deleted.

As you can see I used the one SimBrief choosed. But even if I use the three others rwy 33 remains landing rwy. If I manually choose rwy 15 then the SimBrief route i upload is deleted.

I have no issue.
In the upper right corner, I select the proper runway.
The sim will then add waypoints for that approach to the plan.

Plan made in sim brief:
with Navigraph:

Without Navigraph installed:

Either way, the sim does allow you to choose Rwy 15

This is part of SU14 I think, which is only in Beta. If you are not in the Beta, you won’t see this menu option.

One suggestion I have found that helps with this , is regardless of what Simbrief puts, go check flight aware, because that is the system Microsoft uses. Take a look to see which runways are in use for arriving and departure and then match that up in your flight plan before you generate it.

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