MSFS Citation "Junk" 4 Implementation

Jet does not work as the real aircraft. Needs lots of help.

Have a look at the Working title CJ4 mod:
Release cj4-v0.12.1 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub
I think this is the most recent version, but others will correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, no need for the aggressive tone in your post.


I’ll second that.


dito. me too


Yes. You can’t do better than the mod from Working Title. I’ve been flying it around the world and it is a JOY to fly. Clearly my favourite aircraft in MSFS.

It’s a welcome move for Working Title to integrate their developments into the Default aircraft as they now become partner developers with Asobo.


None of the default aircraft behave like their real counterparts, no default aircraft have ever done that. They have been created with minimum effort beyond the visuals by people who apparently had no idea what they are doing at that time. Asobo have learned a lot since then though. Use the mods as mentioned, there are many available, Working Title and Flybywire even have their own website now and work together with Asobo. The mods and the recent improvements of the sim work very well together now. Calm down, stay relaxed, it‘s a hobby, have fun :wink:

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To make such a bold statement as he/she has, I’d guess the OP is a fully qualified professional pilot, type-rated on the CJ4

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I may have to try that pretty little jet one of these days… I’ve been avoiding them altogether.

The 152 and 172 get reasonably close… :slight_smile:

@Seven7Tango , not really IMO.

@SPowell42 , fair enough. To be honest, no aircraft I’ve ever used (even really nice study level models in FSX) have ever felt real. No G forces kinda take away from the “feel.”

But… having fully 80% of my (real world) hours in a C172 I’d say the flight model gets a solid B+ in this simulator. Not perfect, but not too bad for a “stock” aircraft. :slight_smile:


By accident? :stuck_out_tongue: nah, you‘re right, I read that it‘s the planes they flew to get a feeling for the job. First hand experience so to say. :slight_smile:

But the 152 mod is worth it anyway ^^

Moderator should close this thread…its a troll…end of…