MSFS crash after WINWING hardware

After installing my new joystick,throttle,etc from WINWING the game craches when entering options,controles, seems like MSFS doe not support this
help is needed or sollution from MSFS

While there won’t be a pretty picture or pre-defined mapping profile for the WinWing gear it should still work. After all they are just usb input peripherals.

Is this the only title that you have this issue with?
They are detected as present in windows game controllers? DIView? DCS/IL-2/(whatever else you fly?)

Couple of things that might be worth trying.

(Fs2020 loads and restores your settings from the cloud, so it might be a conflict with what it’s expecting and what you have just connected.)

Disconnect WinWing hardware. Reconnect all previous hardware. Start fs2020 and select the default profile or create a blank profile for all your previously installed gear.
Close out of the game.


Try hiding the WinWing stuff behind Joystick Gremlin.
That way fs2020 will only ever see your virtual devices and no matter what you add or change later on you can always have joystick Gremlin as your intermediary.
(You might still need to clear out those config settings that are stored)

i know now what was wrong MSFS cant handle more then 10 usb inputs i have more
2 x MFD ,1x steeringwheel ,winwing trottle + base is 2 ,winwing stick is 1,1x keyboard,1 x mouse,1 x pedals,1 x winwing combat panel ,1 x winwing takeoff panel thats one to many so i disconnect the steering wheel and it works i’ve got this info from WinWing itself

Use this app instead so you don’t have to unplug your devices. Hide whatever device you don’t need from MSFS, so the total number of seen devices is 10 or less.

It seems from your description that it’s HID’s rather than total USB devices connected (which would include USB audio type things also)

What would be interesting to know is whether this is a limit of axes or input buttons the game can register or just a limit to the number of input devices that the game can display in the scrolling list at the top of the control config menu.

Either way. Combination of Joystick Gremlin to combine input devices (if desired) and HidHide as linked above ought to do the trick and might save you some hassle physically disconnecting peripherals.

Joystick gremlin will not help with the crash upon accessing Controls setting if you still have more than 10 HIDs active. I currently have 14 peripherals for DCS World use and it is either unplug those devices that I might not use or hide them from MSFS if I want to access control settings without a CTD.

There are plenty of other games that don’t like multiple HID peripherals either (Star Wars Squadron, Mechwarrior 5, etc.)

Yes…I had read that the promised hotas support for Squadron’s turned out to be pretty janky.

I actually picked it up cheap in a steam sale but have never bothered installing it yet.