MSFS crashes when trying to open aircraft door, etc


I purchased the Carenado Piper PA-44 Seminole a few days ago and have just perform a complete reinstall. I also have the Carenado Mooney which seem to have similar issues, though I managed to open the door.

When I try to open to door or move the sunshield (not really sure how it is called), MSFS simply freezes a few seconds and crashes. I think that the left window doesn’t cause this issue even if I haven’t managed to open it yet…

I don’t know if this issue only affect this aircraft or is a major issue (since default aircraft don’t have these parts modelled).

Has anyone encountered the same issues?


Yes, immediate CTD when attempting to open the door with the mouse on the door handle.

Both Carenado Planes have these problems, don’t use doors, windows etc. Look here in the topics, you will find some tips

OK, thanks. I’ll have a look because I seemed to perfectly work a few weeks ago and was wondering if it wasn’t cause by an update…

please try search function, we have 3 or 4 Topics about this issue.


Recommend you contact our friends at Carenado for Carenado bug fixes.