Msfs CVW-5 - VFA-115 / VFA-27 F-18 Squadrons

In anticipation of the launch of the F/A-18 Super Hornet Release, I would like to announce the creation of MSFS CVW-5. The group will be focused on replication of Naval Operations, to include Flight Training, Basic Fighter Maneuvers, Carrier Ops, Missions ETC. The wing will be broken down into the four fighter squadrons that make up CVW-5, VFA-27, VFA-102, VFA-115, and VFA-195.

I was part of the FSX VFA-115 for many years and this would be the creation of a much bigger unit and would be a lot of fun for all. If youre interested please let me know or feel free to join the discord server.

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Facebook group!

I suppose those who want to replicate something would rather try DCS F/A 18 :smirk:

I do a fair amount of DCS, but there are a lot of people who dont want to or cant pay $80 for an airplane, and however much for each scenery. This platform is more accessible for a far greater number of people, just trying to set something up so there are options.