MSFS: Development Series (OLD)

Hey guys! Jonx here! You may recognize some of my recent work with the Discus-2b Glider, Edgley Optica or maybe some of my recent development work.

I’ve noticed that there isn’t a good “Beginner” tutorial to creating your own Native MSFS Aircraft. So… I have began working on a tutorial series. I usually don’t come over to these forums for anything as I find them lack luster in helpful information, but today is an exception as I am posting that information.

I will be updating this thread as more videos are made. As mentioned in the series thus far, I am in no way a professional, nor do I know the absolute best way to development within the SDK. However, I hope you all find this as a good start.

If you ever want to contact me outside these forums, please join my Discord, Facebook, or even via the FSDeveloper forums.

Episode 1: Project Management

Episode 2: Aircraft Editor

Episode 2.5: By Brett-G Bella (Aerosoar Dev)

Episode 3: Intro to Animation Scripting

Episode 4: Props and Exterior

Episode 5: Landing Gear, Yoke, Gauges


Thanks for this effort! These can be really helpful for everyone looking into building their own aircraft for MSFS, which I suspect will be very less compared to scenery builders as it’s just a whole another ballgame in terms of complexity and knowledge needed.

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:thinking: Thanks for the contribution!


Hey there,
Just wondering, has anyone been experiencing some glitch when you load an aircraft (With the aircraft loader in dev mode) the game crashes. This is delaying my 737 release and I really don’t know what to do. Any ideas? Thanks and stay safe!

Unfortunately there are a million and one reasons you can get a crash to desktop. Wish I could help more, but from personal experience I’ve gotten ctds from xml issues, model issues, project issues, contact point issues, engine issues and more. Honesty, it could be anything.

Hi, I’ve followed your video on importing FSX models more efficiently but I’m getting the following errors

“AssetBuilder could not find a valid simobject in [the directory I used]. Does it have one of [aircraft.cfg/sim.cfg/container.cfg] and does it reference the correct model folder(s)?”


“PackageBuilder | Failed to spawn lister for asset group MyCompany_Simple_Aircraft (type SimObject)”

Any ideas where I’ve gone wrong?

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Hey man, been following your tutorials for building the plane and every time I’m in the hangar and open the project, I crash to desktop…help?

Got same issue with SDK 0.13… Follow official doc … got same issue …

Got same issue… despite that, the only way to succeed to create a “working” (livery for my case) is to observe existing liveries, then generate the final package without SDK (tedious work… but it works)

(I now see this is some time ago…)

Thanks for posting this, @DigitalJonx ! I’m gonna take some time to test your tutorial

…btw I still fly your dog version… :wink:

Go try the new version 2.0 with animated doggo!

Thank you very much for these very interesting explanations.
Thanks to you I will be able to convert my FSX planes to MSFS 2020 correctly.
Patrick (