MSFS (Digital) Not Playing Ball

I recently attempted to get SpadNext to control my Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke as I wanted to use the MG Honda Hjet which I understand has special requirements for the throttle (LVAR) but couldn’t work out how despite looking at various Youtube videos etc. and spending quite a bit of time trying things.
The situation has now got worse as I can’t get the yoke working by default with MSFS (no SpadNext loaded) and the Hjet does not show every time on my aircraft selection list although it is shown as installed in Market Place.
When I start MSFS the yoke shows and is also shown as default profile but I can’t seem to get any of the basic controls…throttle, aeriolons,flaps working. I have disconnected the yoke and rebooted MSFS.
I am a complete loss as to why this is happening and how to fix it.
Thinking maybe a reinstall of MSFS but not sure how to accomplish that.
All help greatly appreciated.

Does your throttle plug into the yoke or use its own usb port?

Hi it is connected to its own USB off the motherboard. Since posting I have managed to get some response from the yoke after installing the Logitech drivers but on the first flight on the ground control was all over the place using the yoke. Will have another go later today with my rudder pedals. HJET appearances are still hit-and-miss if it is not my selected aircraft.

Hi, first of all do not use the Logitech drivers together with they do not go together. If using Spad delete the Logitech drivers.
Further have a look at Les O’Reilly’s video’s on YouTube how to setup you’re Yoke and Throttle. It helped me also
Happy Flying.

Logitech needs a special calibration tool.
This is what I use, it is about the only one I have found that works well with Logitech/Saitek

Thanks for the reply but isn’t that just for Sim Pedals?? How do you use it for the Logitech?

I have managed some success but my Logitech Cessna Yoke calibrations don’t seem to be working. For Example, if I set the rudder axis the progress bar doesn’t move when I use the yoke to test (Joystick L- Axis X is shown). Have issues with other settings such as ailerons beginning to wonder if the yoke has stopped working.

You can see when you call up DiView that there are display boxes for every axis.
Right click on the box of the axis you want to calibrate.
Select “view raw data” then “calibration”.

Enter the displayed raw data values in the calibration box, then select “OK”

Try the calibration for each axis first, even if the displays show it is already in calibration.

If that doesn’t work, use the “Search by Input” function in the Sim’s Control Options to see if your device is working properly.