MSFS disappeared (uninstalled?) from my computer

I’ve been using MSFS since the latest update but when I tried to start the sim I got a message it wasn’t installed in my computer. I’m reinstalling right now.
I also had to reinstall the XBox app.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Will it rediscover all my add ons?

Anyone else have this issue and find out what is going on?

Download is complete. My entire community folder is gone including purchased add ons.

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Hello Nerfmuerf,

Today I ran ORBX Central and no flight simulator could be found. The MSFS 2020 directory is completely empty! Fearing a virus, I have run Bitdefender and Malwarebytes and nothing found. I am totally mystified by this. At least I am not alone. I ran Win 10 update a couple of days ago and updated drivers. I am worried now because this is totally weird and I am the only person using the computer.

If anyone else has experienced this, please enlighten me.


I forget how I found my folder again. Sorry. So much time has passed and other issues have had to be corrected.

Another thread has appeared reporting the same problem, I think others may become effected by this problem in time. I hope I am wrong!