MSFS Disconnects in 20-30 Minutes

Hello everyone me and from today that I try to fly and after 20 30 minutes the game disconnects so I lose the flight sometimes it turns off all the avionics of the plane …

Ciao a tutti io e da oggi che cerco di volare e dopo 20 30 minuti il gioco si scollega cosi perdo il volo a volte si spegne tutta l’avionica dell’aereo…

it’s not just you today we can not complete any flight

I flew 5+ hops today on the Voyager NY to Toronto Bushflight and only had one disconnect, but it didn’t affect any of my flights.
I’m guessing it matters more in free flight?

Yes , it has happened today for me 3 times in 3 different locations , avionics disappear or at the right moment of landing just the game go off to the main screen in x box .

Are any of you who get black avionics using MSFS on an Xbox Console?

“Thanks to everyone I understood that it was not just my problem”

Grazie a tutti ho capito che non era solo un mio problema

Yes, so do I

Si anch’io

For those using MSFS on an Xbox console, please see this logged bug topic: