MSFS does not load anymore

And to top it up, after all the issues now the MSFS decided to stop loading… great…
I goes only to the JAPAN update screen and it stops there forever… I don’t have too much patience left with this broken software TBH.
Does somebody has any idea how to fix this?
I have already rolled back the Nvidia driver, I have already reset hundredths of times windows and the PC, I have removed everything form my community folder, what else can I do?

Try logging off and back on to your Microsoft and Xbox accounts.

Disable any aftermarket antivirus/firewall software. Periodically, Zone Alarm will not allow the game to load period. I restart or close zone alarm and it works fine. So try that. This seems to be a hit or miss issue. I can go hours and it works fine, and then it won’t allow to open, stop software (AV/FW) and it opens. Restarting the PC is the easiest thing to do. Windows Defender does not seem to affect it that way, so Zone Alarm is blocking some call from MSFS to the system. I have reported to ZA Customer Support, their response was cannot duplicate. Going to wait till after next patch and see if it goes away.

same as me dosent open at all

im trying this souloution

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I had the same problem, the culprit was the AVG antivirus in my case…
Good luck

I’ve found that any new sound or USB devices added can be culprit

thanks a lot to all that replied. I tried everything with no luck.

Actually I finally found the solution… the problem was due to navigraph beta. if you want more details go to their forums, but they solved the problem for good with their new beta 14 and it works like a charm…

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I have also found that MSFS simply will not start or do anything at all. It was fine the other day and today nothing. Completely dead. Any ideas?

if you are using the navigraph beta, that was the issue with some corrupted data, you can download the latest beta version from their forum and that fixes the issue (or remove navigraph beta from your community folder)

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Redownload the navigraph testing it now

Thanks for advice with ZoneAlarm - worked for me! :wink: