MSFS drive usage workaround?

As many are aware, if you opt to install MSFS on an alternate drive in your PC, it will install not even 2 gigs of data on that selected drive but it still installs official and community folder on C drive. This is a problem. Is there a way to put everything on the alternate drive?

Thanks in advance!

ms store version but I also know that it behaves this way on steam version.

Are you on MS Store or Steam? With Steam there isn‘t such a problem, with Steam you can put the Sim where you want. For MS store I think there is no real workaround once the C drive was selected as install drive. During a fresh install I think (I don‘t have MS store) you can chose the install destination.

I‘ll recommend using Steam for MSFS 2020 since it seems to be the usually more hassle free version.

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Actually it does the same thing with steam. I have my PC with MS store and ms store/xbox app will allow me to specify an alternate drive for install. However, like I said in the original post it only uses that specified drive for almost 2 gigs of data. Then it puts the bulk of everything, particularly offical/marketplace scenery and addons into C drive under the usual app data paths. As well as community folder.

Then there’s this other pc I am setting up for my nephew at the moment. He has Steam version. Same thing. You can specify an alternate drive for install and it puts almost 2 gigs of data on that drive then everything else on C drive.

Thanks for that! I never noticed that option on first boot of the sim when it lets you choose a path for packages! That’s what I was missing! I had only been changing the path within steam or ms store upon the initial install assuming it should follow that drive specification for EVERYTHING.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

This is a very odd behaviour, in Steam you choose where your steam library is, and per default MSFS will be installed there. The library path selcet at initial install should be the path to the MSFS within the steamapps folder.

At least for me it was the way - my steamlibrary is on an fast SSD not on the C drive → so my steam MSFS was installed there, no big data on C for me.

I suspect that the library install path was changed during inital installation.

TL;DR: when the steamlibrary is not on C, MSFS will not install on C…