MSFS Error - Could be VCRUNTIME140.dll

All - if you are having trouble with CTD’s, and/or planes not acting correct after they did, or other things just not correct, you might have corrupted file in subject line.

Goto: C:/windows/system32, find above file and MOVE not COPY to desktop, later you will delete it.

To FIX - Download from Microsoft site C++2015 both 32- and 64-bit versions.
Go to control panel and delete present install of C++2015 both versions, restart pc.
Windows will load, it also will throw out error screens about subject file missing, ignore, OS will load.
Install the new download C++2015 both 32 and 64 bit, that install process will create a new VCRUNTIME140.dll file and put it where it belongs.
Lots of other programs write and read that file, it is not open currently on my system, if I open sim, it is.

This might fix problems you are having. I could not get freeware plane to load once created World Map and start location, game would CTD, event viewer pointed me to that file, did above and now plane flies fine, for me some of the stuttering went away, not all of it.

I still say, we as users should not have to become programmers to use this product, it’s bad enough we have to create profiles in controls settings to configure devices, they all should come built into game. This seems to have reared ugly head after mandatory “beta” game update a while ago. Before, I could load any plane and it ran fine. Again, something got changed, and affects this file for some reason.

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