MSFS Files Location

I may be missing this ; Where are all the MSFS file located on the computer ? I loaded it to default location direct from Microsoft. I search my system and it only brings up the app. page. I would like to know HOW to load new scenery and aircraft liveries.

The program folder is locked for access. I tried a few things but nope, it’s locked. Should be interesting when trying to install 3rd party freeware (if that becomes a thing).

I’m using the Steam version, but the files are accessible. They are in my steamapps folder.

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Good to know, I went through Xbox game pass to start with as I knew this thing would be full of bugs. To be expected and not like we haven’t been here before with FSX, …lol.

If installed in default location the program is in:

C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe

And addons here:


The exe cannot be accessed

I don’t understand the reasoning behind locking the user out of the file structure… although if using steam, you have access… this is weird

theres already a few free airports out you place the files in Community folder where you installed the game

SlippedSheep437 Thanks for the response to the point !

mlgsteveuk if you know of some free scenery then please post a link that would be helpful. We have to stick together and pool our info and resources to make this better. THANKS

Here is an easy way I found to get to the root folders. You can then back track and open Community file to load scenery.
By the way I don’t see any locked files, so clarify your statement.

The exe file is not here, but in Program files

Correct that is under; Windows Apps

This is to do how MS choses to perform their DRM when it comes to anything related to programs downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

I’ve already ran into this years ago when I first got one of their Play Anywhere games.

The folder itself is locked down so much, it took me hours to realize there is literally nothing you can do. Even playing around with folder/file ownership does nothing - and not advised.

Basically put - you need a dedicated drive solely for Windows Store programs.

Even when doing a drive format on HDD where the directory exists, you’ll need to do a FULL format. Quick format will not always work. And it’s best to use a program other than Windows for formatting the drive.

Steam doesn’t do this because the Steam client itself is the DRM. It’s an incredibly ridiculous method of DRM and the reason why any non-MS exclusive game I’ll always buy on Steam or GOG.

Oh and let me also mention something infuriating. Even if the directory was on a drive solely dedicated to Windows Store apps - even if you performed a format of the OS drive - you have to re-format the WStore drive and re-download all the programs. Windows refuses to handle it.

Found that one out the hard way too.

■■■■ ! If I would have known before, I would have bought it from steam… ■■■■…

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In any case,the good thing is we can add scenery,create scenery and textures and put them in their prospective places. As long as the program works properly we can expand and enhance the experience.