MSFS freezes for several seconds every few seconds


Lately I have weird MSFS freezes especially on the ground and in the game menu. Even when game is loaded the game menus gets stuck for several seconds. I have RTX4060, 32GB, ryzen 5 3600. Only major change in the last weeks was the upgrade to Windows 11. It seems related as CPU is around 20-40% and gpu not high as well. Recently after I purchased the new GPU I changed several settings to reduce main thread time and had smooth experience in the last 4 months. But last weeks since win11 upgrade I get those strange performance issues. Has anyone experienced that?


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Have you searched the Forum for similar experiences? You may find your answer there.

Definitely did. But I wonder if there’s win11 known issue. BTW, should I use dx 11 or 12?

I have a similar setup R5 5600x 16GB RAM RTX 4060, also recently upgraded to Win 11. No issues here except freezing with live traffic enabled. 100+ fps @ 1440p

Live traffic is cpu consumer. However the freezings happen in the menu as well, so it doesn’t seem like traffic issue in my case

Hi @AsafCo1000
If the freezes are regular - i.e. “like clockwork” every few seconds, this suggests to me that something is polling MSFS. Does this happen in the game menus if you load MSFS in Safe Mode?

You might also try temporarily unplugging all your peripherals except mouse & keyboard & see if that stops the freezes. If it does, plug them in one by one to identify the culprit.

That’s an interesting idea. Checked it again @SmotheryVase665 @BoboSkypark
When I had win10, I used DX12 beta in MSFS (the OS was running DX11) and DLSS on. This gave me the best performance. To my surprise, with Win11 which runs DX12, this gives me lower performance and maybe the freezes. I now switched MSFS to use DX11 (without DLSS), vsync off and nvidia boost on and not only the experience smoother, I also get 10~fps boost. This is so weird. I was sure with Win11 and DX12 I will have the best performance.

I am running Win 11 with no performance issues.