MSFS going in the right direction for me... finally

Today I flew for almost 6 hours (aided by my recent purchase of Air Hauler 2) and I can say after not using MSFS for almost a month I am starting to notice it is really coming along nicely.
I did 4 separate flights around central Illinois, Missouri and Indiana (in some really terrible weather) and this is what I’ve experienced compared to last month:
Improved FPS and less stuttering (with AI off, once turned on stuttering increases… A lot)
No CTD’s, I was sure that if I kept flying it would crash but MSFS kept chugging along
Live weather was, well, LIVE. Compared to weather radars and METARS it seemed pretty bang on!
And the biggest change that I noticed, ATIS/AWOS finally give me the correct weather :raised_hands:

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