MSFS is just plain not worth the effort

Now with the issues on the Microsoft store making it even more difficult to get updates and the past issues with being released before most of the major bugs worked out and performance issues–MSFS is just not worth the money I spent for the software. The game play is not even that realistic. If a person wants a simulated flight experience–granted doesn’t have the “graphics” of MSFS–that’s less infuriating, go to or like me stick with XPlane 11. At this late stage there should not be all these issues with this program. Until the issue with updating is resolved, I will not eve try to update the software.


Great thread mate, I really appreciate it :lying_face:


Your personal reaction is your own, OP, but I have to say I’m very much enjoying the sim, even though I recognise it has a few glitches. The fun of flying is over-riding other emotions for me. :thinking:


Feel better now? Works great for me, and the $120 I spent on it a year ago is a drop in the bucket especially when I divide the 1775 hours flown by that amount. Spent more on a brisket yesterday. Not sure how your post enhances the forum and/or provides anyone with knowledge. If you have issues, ask for help. It ain’t hard.


That’s cool I guess.


1775 hours flown in one year!
Yikes…your playing a game almost 5 hours per day since release!!!
Must be a record! Can’t argue with you on getting your money’s worth!


Arguably rather than it being at this late stage I would say early stage given MS/Asobo say they are committed to the sim for the next 10 (9 now I guess) years.
It definitely has some issues particularly with regards to obtaining updates without a fight. Have had my fair share of updating woes, but the sim is running fairly well for me now - appreciate that does not help you though.


Autopilot with parallel TV Program xD


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