MSFS is now Broken...what are they doing?

This is now the state of my installation. There is no update but Microsoft/Asobo have now screwed it up with whatever they are doing. It all happened yesterday and now this!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Screenshot 2021-04-10 082022|690x385

No good trying to switch it on as it does not work

Hi, dont worry, same here. It happend yesterday… i relaunch the sim and all is done.

No, you don’t get the message anymore, because the online functionality is switched off. Turn it on and you get the same issue.

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Strange. I’m presently flying. No updates, no out of date massages, market place available.
Ops as usual.

Hi, I got this message yesterday too, and, despite flying without any issue, I lost the Marketplace.

Yesterdays news. There is already a huuuuuge thread about this issue.

But of course you read the forum before you post in a hurry.

I had this as well yesterday.

I clicked on ‘NO’ and nothing happened. (at least I did not notice aynthing). I could even continue my flight.

Havent’t checked today if anything is different though. Should I better not start the MSFS program today ?

I didn’t get this either, so fingers crossed for when I fly later this morning. One thing I’ve learned from some posts here is to not mess around too much if the online functionality is having hiccups.

If it can’t connect to online features, I shut it down, grab a coffee, and check the forums.


Well it seems they were playing chess:

Hi new to the forum, only played the sim for a little over a week and 2 days ago I had this problem all day, couldnt fly more than a few hundred feet at a time without getting this, yesterday it seemed ok, this morning decided to continue my flight to all european capitals in the 172 and bang I get this before I even hit fly.

No mods, All updated, internet is fine as all other games work fine online.

very frustrating and very happy I didnt buy this and have it through game pass on pc.

It is a shame because up until this started happening I was having lots of fun learning to fly with no assists etc and learning all the aircraft systems.

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It’s just bad luck you’ve come in to it with this happening. It’s not very widespread if the number of posts about it are anything to go by, and it may be it only users connecting from certain geographic regions that are experiencing it.

Of all the posts I’ve seen from users reporting this, I don’t think anyone has mentioned which country they are from, which might be a useful bit of addition information.

Had the same yesterday evening but all OK this morning (for me at least)

Im from the UK.

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I’m from the UK too. I wasn’t getting it yesterday, so I’ll find out shortly if I have it.

Yeah, I thought as well that things worked again today. I could fly for almost an hour today, before the message popped up yet again. It’s still broken.

Hi all,
Please use this topic about servers, packages out of date, any lost statistics. This topic has been pushed up:
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