MSFS is remembering last installation?

In order to find a way to cure the CTDs, I have uninstalled and reinstalled MSFS 2020 several times. I believe that I must be missing the deletion of certain folders and/or files from the previous installation. Why? Well, after I reinstall and load the sim, I get the notice on my screen that tells me my last flight ended improperly and I must choose Normal or Safe Mode. Since this happens, I am assuming that I did not totally delete all files and obtain a clean reinstall. Can anyone tell me what files/folders, or whatever I am missing when wish to do a complete uninstall?


Kevin MacDonald

Some files/settings are save to “the cloud” as it were.

I may come back to elaborate but there is a step you can take to select this to not not happen or purge it.
At this time I cannot exactingly describe it.

Your settings are kept in the cloud on an MS Store installation, and may be restored with a re-installation.
If your cloud files differ from what is saved on the PC, I believe you are given the option to restore from the cloud when you reinstall the sim.
Your installation folder on an MS Store location should be here:

xxxx=your user name.

Ensure you delete this folder after you uninstall the sim to remove any left-overs.
If you are still asked about safe or normal mode when you start, select normal.